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posted by PrzCh0z3n1 (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 19, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game is awesome, the My player Mode is better than last years you have press conference after every game and you must respond smart because if not it decreases your Team Chemistry or your league popularity. The graphics are good, the dunks and layups are the best, the new crossover controls feels funny at first but then you realize they are better. The only con about this game is the online, just that lag feeling you get its a bit slower than the regular offline game... This game is a MUST!

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Nba 2k11

posted by alex4184 (SNELLVILLE, GA) Oct 12, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game is so terribel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every pass down court gets magically picked off. the tempo will shift to opponent and they do ridiculous things that any defense should step up and stop.
once again 2K fails!!!!!!!!!!!

game is good but faults outway that way too much

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Above Average

they ruined a great game

posted by yoggiber (DECATUR, GA) Oct 11, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

wow i was so ready to play the new 2k 11 and was sad very sad with the results.i didnt wanna speak to soon so i waited on my very 1st thought of the game to play more. i am a frequent online player and dont really care to play the computer over and over thats pretty lame. so i guess im speaking for the online player.

pros --- looks amazing so amazn it will wow you.
the jordan mode fabulous. new cut scenes are goood too.
the 2k11 soundtrack off the chain very very good.
better dee and the players are bigger

cons--- worst movement ever not only did they mess up the spin move, into this now slow motion spin move which is so fake who spins that slow in a full speed game. they also destroyed the jump shot by changing the rate of times you will score. basically they added twice the defense and took away the offense. now at the half your lucky to have 20 points, so fake when was the last time you seen a nba game only get to 20 points at the half. if your into jumpers three point shots and fade ways from mid or three point your going to be mad. good luck scoring kus you wont youll brick so much youll turn the game off in disgust becus these are pros and nba 2k11 gottem lookin like construction workers out there. they even ruined the sound quality of the games you play, now when you brik the rims makes an awful sound thats sounds like atari made it. and you know its true becuase my girl walks in while im playn and comments on how muffled the game play sound is. i was happy they added the dee but very mad they took away the offense, its a scoring league and 20 points at the half is not my idea of a scoring league at all. shooting a perfect shot over and over and bricking over and over was not what i expected. hey i like a good challenge like the next guy but this is also will have a very high rate of turnovers and blocked shots since they made the players bigger fitting passes thru tight pots isnt as fun anymore either.all dee no O

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