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A Beautiful Game

posted by flyboy8498 (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

52 out of 56 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

This game is rich and deep. It has every thing anyone could want. You can build a career as Michael Jordan, you can build your own career, you can play a season, or as a franchise. You can even play an arcade style game with NBA Blacktop.

The presentation is unparalleled and unprecedented. There is absolutely so much to do with such beautiful presentation to it all. The Jordon Challenge takes this game over the top.

The graphics are BEAUTIFUL! The animations show that the creators put a ton of care and work into the game. There have been absolutely no issues with frame dip rate or some kind of weird movements through the time I have been playing the game. The players faces look like the players (which is saying a lot with most sports games).

The sound is great. The sound track is solid. I am not a rap fan but the beats held to the game tempo that you want. Although, with every sports game there is some repeatative commentary, but I dunno how you really get around that.

The game play has been hit dead on. I haven't seen any bugs or AI glitches yet. And it is just an overall fun game for all ages and skill set.

The lasting appeal is definately there. I think the Jordan Challenge could easily be a game in itself, and I applaud 2K for not adding it as DLC. You also get franchise mode, season mode, and if you can handle the slowness of it; My Player mode. There is litterally something for everyone with NBA 2K11.

This game is an easy rent and if you can an easy buy. I won't have any qualms at all for pressing the "keep" button for this game.

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Greatest NBA Franchise game to date

posted by Kass1nova (LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 6, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

23 out of 26 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I've been a fan of NBA Live games ever since Sega Genisis but up until the 2009-10 season, when NBA 2k10 dropped, i have converted over to the 2k SPorts games. NBA 2k10 was the greatest game since NBA 2k on Sega Dreamcast. NBA2k11 controls are fantastic and more realistic than ever. The career mode is awesome because they added plenty of new and exciting features like endorsements, after game press conference interviews, and much more. But the career mode is alot longer than 2k10's version. You're going to spend alot of time in the D-League of the NBA before you even get drafted and it sucks to me because honestly who cares about the D-League anyway?! The Jordan career mode is great but you have to unlock achievements in 10 different greatest games of Jordan's career before you can unlock the game. All in all, 2k11 is a must have game and if you're a fan of NBA games you will feel really bad not having this game in your possession.

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This is Where Amazing Happens

posted by hmongswagg (LANCASTER, MA) Oct 31, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

18 out of 21 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

I have played and owned all Nba2k basketball games and I have to say there was a huge learning curve in Nba2k11. This game is very challenging and very fun. You have to play smart and use your basketball I.Q. If you're new to 2k basketball games or new to basketball in general. This game will make you want to slam your $60 dollar controller right into the floor. This is a simulation. This is not NBA Jam. This is for Nba fans. I find a casual basketball fan would find this game too fustrating. If you don't know who jose barea, ronnie turiaf or andre blatche is then I assume your a casual fan. This is for TRUE NBA FANS ONLY!!! I love this game. I thought 2k10 was fantastic and they keep surprising me with each new edition. The crossovers are great and work great too, and when the first crossover doesnt work you can counter with another move and counter again. The defense works as well. Yes, it does but you have to work on it. They sell you a fake and if you buy it. Boom! they are gone! You have to work to be great! Just like the Great MJ. It doesn't come easy. The online game lags a bit it is still fun and enjoyable. I recommend you playing by yourself online against someone else. When you play street or team every one thinks they are Lebron and they just want to score!! Ball hogs!!! The shooting is fine you just have to learn the shooting styles. Every style has a different release point. The same goes for free throws. The passing is probably the hardest part of the game that you must get use to. You cannot throw passes into a crowd or cross court passes or into the post when your man doest not have clear position. Just like in real basket ball ill advise passes like those will be picked off resulting in a fast break for the other team!!! Play smart!! It's not the games fault you threw a bad pass! The difficulty makes you appreciate NBA stats that much more. Its definitely not easy to throw 20 assists like Steve Nash or grab 20+ boards like Dennis Rodman!!!

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