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nba 2k10, pretty good

posted by johnsrevie (CUPERTINO, CA) Dec 24, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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nba 2k10 ultimetely is the best basketball game on the wii. much better than live 09 for the wii. nba 2k10 has nba today, so the announcers in the game will talk about whats actually happening in the nba. also, my player mode, where you create a player, is pretty interesting. however, the graphics aren't very good, but they dont take away from game experience. gameplay is as good as for the other consoles such as the ps3. the only bad thing is that its hard to play a fluid game with the wii remote. sometimes randomly, your player will try to block a nonexistent shot, or will just heave a shot randomly from half court. these take away from the experience, making it hard for younger kids to learn. if you were planning to rent this for a little kid or for a family game night, dont, rent live 09 all play. the controls are too complicated and too deep to enjoy a nice game. however, this game is the best bball game on the wii, and if you are hardcore gamer that knows all of the rules of basketball and wants an indepth basketball game, pick this one up!

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Bounces off the rim - it's no good

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 21, 2009

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For those of you who are looking for a simplistic basketball simulation, you're going to have to look somewhere else to find it. NBA 2K10 is no lightweight- the controls can easily confuse many players.
You don't just shoot the basketball - you have to determine if you do a fade away, a hook shot, a jump shot and with which hand. Each shot is a motion on the Wiimote, and it's easy to get them confused.
There are even three different controls for dunks - from the simple to the show them up dunk.
But wait, there's more. If you want to fake out a defender, then it's a combination of Wiimote motion and a push of the B or Z buttons (or both). You also have to figure out which way the "ball hand direction" and the "opposite ball hand" is to pull some moves off.
What makes this worse is basketball is a team game, and you're at the mercy of the AI. Looking for the inside pass or the alleyoop? You'll have to wait for the AI controlled player to move to the basket (and recognize when that happens.) Defense? There's none when the other team pulls off a perfect pass and shot. Many a games I've played that I end up losing by a dozen or more points because of this defect. I can't play all five guys at the same time.
Beginners really have to rely on another human player or players to help them get into the flow of the game.
It's too bad the controls are confusing; this game has a great line up of features - from the single game to the season mode to playing online. There's something for almost all basketball fans to sink their teeth into.
And those looking for a more authentic basketball simulation may find it here.
It's just that I had no fun with the convoluted controls and the merciless AI in NBA 2K10. SKIP IT

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posted by coolio2525 (WYLIE, TX) Nov 12, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

3 out of 10 gamers (30%) found this review helpful

best nba in the history the graphics are great, the gameplay is great i dont know how u could make this awseome game better. my opinion is that if u like this game buy it u wont regret it .

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