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Above Average


posted by anonymous9 (CHESTER, VA) Nov 26, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

This game is not that impressive. Defense is terrible in this game and superstars are unable to stop... I prefer 2k over live though.

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Sounds Great only if it works

posted by Hypnonyc (LURAY, VA) Oct 27, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

NBA 2k game was at its best back in 2k7, 2k8. This year NBA 2k10 is just full of glitches that makes the game unplayable. This don't mean NBA Live 10 is better then 2k10 but I just think that 2k10 have set a really high bar and if they would only fix all the old problem and not just try to add new feature that would be a dream come true.

The game looks great on the count and player do look like them self.

My Player Mode is a great addition to the game, you can spend a lot of time play that mode.

Tons of feature


Glitch city!
There are just too much animation for each player and that make it hard to control your player . This make it feel like you are playing on ice! They also make your control player move back to their slot on their own so you always feel this push and pull fight just to control your player.

Defense is really bad this year. I think this goes back to too much animation and can't break out of each one. This makes the defense none responsive when they always want to pull your control player back into place. I think they need to keep things simple for next year.

Online Play is unplayable. If you have play NBA 2k game before you know their online is not stable so I don't really need to go into detail on that.

There are tons more problem with this game you can search on Youtube and see them yourself.

They do plan to put out a patch to fix some of the problem but some of the glitch and the style of gameplay, I just don't see it getting fix by a patch.

This game can easily be one of the greatest NBA 2k game but how can you enjoy a basketball game when the fundamental is not there. You can have all the feature in the world but at the end of the day we just want to play a smooth basketball game on both end of the count.

Hope this help some of you

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Above Average

Fun but mostly annoying

posted by bmyze316 (WATERVLIET, NY) Oct 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

Overall the game is ok. But I haven't played Live yet. 1st the positives.
Many options when editing/creating a player. everything from style of play to shot style, no shortage of customizations. some nice dunking, decent commentary, solid graphics, good amount of game modes, pretty easy and fun dunk contest.

Now for the Negatives. Navigating the menu is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. you have to hold the analog then press x, and its mildly easy to forget and press x accidentally and have to go back. very pointless. Alot of ratings problems. boring crowd, Player progression in Association mode is horrible, I had David Lee lead the league in Boards and average 18 points a game and he stayed at a 77 or whatever he was, very disappointing. Calling plays take WAY to long and require too much effort. you have to keep your player EXACTLY on the little circle or the play may not start, and the plays take too long to run, so when they do start you will be in danger of a shot clock violation. To easy to drive the lane, not much strategy involved, wish they played better D.

Although it's VERY easy to get your man in the low post, the game Lacks Quality low post moves. Lebron gets tired fast,lol. The 3 point contest is IMPOSSIBLE and therefore no fun. I wish they had the Dunk/3 point contest during the all-star break at an actual arena, instead of the basketball court from "White Men Can't Jump" No way to auto train you players during the season. if you like to simulate half/full seasons watch your players develop and work the off-season it is hard because you have to set weekly practice schedules, and monthly player development drills. so really you can only simulate week to week. I just want to simulate this year with the knicks get Lebron and play next year! That's another thing. The Notorious "summer of 2010" is VERY DISAPPOINTING. None of the top FA's test the market. Lebron, Wade, bosh, stoudemire, pierce, allen, chandler all of them resign. No Fun.

I'm about to try Live

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