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Very Good

Not bad at all read why.

posted by metalmaniac1980 (HEBRON, IN) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

First off I will preface this review by stating that I think the reviews that paint a poor picture of this game are misleading. I almost didn't get this game based on reviews. Everyone doing their due dilligence would be wary of a game with a middle of the pack rating. With that being said here is my take and I hope you find it helpful.

I give the game a 8 because I have not delved into the Online portion, but knowing that when a game comes out there are bound to be a few issues that hopefully the developer will remedy in a short time.

I played the career mode expecting the worst case scenario. Finishing dead last, building up the car, taking forever, over-aggressive CPU etc. What I expected and what I experienced were not even close. Starting off in Daytona I chose to play on Medium difficulty and the assists were off, (braking, steering, spin control). First qualifying session I grabbed the pole. Beginners luck? Maybe. So going into the duel I wrecked a few times. partially due to my own driving error, and a few times because a cpu driver wouldn't give up a position and neither would I on an inside lane turn resulting in them giving me a little nudge on my rear bumper sending me into a spin. Yellow flag immediately followed. Once green flag racing resumed I had to make my way back which through patience I did, until an over-agressive driver wanted to battle. NOT ALL CPUs were over-aggressive and let me pass cleanly. I led the race and finished 1st in both duel and the actual race.

So with that being said, it takes precision driving and there is wiggle-room for human error. Drafting you may get a little loose, and if you over-compensate well thats not going to end well. You dont mash the thumbsticks for your turns, learn to go into a curve and you'll be just fine. I think this is a good game to keep and worth the money if you have the patience.

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cool game

posted by stew1101 (HARRISON, AR) Nov 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

im happy with the new inside line. one glitch ive noticed is at some restarts online. im sure they will fix that.

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Nascar Inside Line.....

posted by dominator24 (JONESVILLE, VA) Jan 13, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game has much of the same problems as the last one. The online portion of the game is terrible. Anyone leaving or entering the game as it starts online will cause massive pileups, cars flipping and all kinds of stuff. You would think that developers could make a better online experience since that is the way most games are played now.

On the other hand....The single player career is great. Not impossible to build up your car, or get a grip on the handling of the game. Having to qualify for the shootout, and the All-Star race and then be able to run the segments as they do in real life was an added bonus I didn't expect. I gave this game a 7 because of the online glitches, otherwise it would have gotten an 8 or maybe even a 9.

Overall it is a pretty good game, and well worth a rent. Don't think though that I would want to spend the full $60 for buying it.

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