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"NASCAR Kart Racing": Cheap Mario Kart Wii

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 19, 2009

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The people making this game must have thought about all the money that Mario Kart Wii got and said, "Hey, let's make our own version of that game and get some of that cash."
How else can you explain the similarities between NASCAR Kart Racing and Mario Kart Wii: there's the boost pads, the power ups, the three lap race tracks and the twelve racers.
But there are differences. NASCAR has the field split into six teams of two. When team mates are close to each other, they get a boost gauge filled up. Depending on how much of the gauge is filled from his/her partner, the driver can have 1,2 or 3 boosts of speed.
This team work concept is much needed for NASCAR as everything else in the game play feels like it's been taken right out of Mario Kart Wii.
What doesn't work in NASCAR is the fact that when the game's first played, you can only play four of the twelve tracks. Why lock up so much content?
To unlock these tracks, you have to slog through a long championship mode that gets bland very quickly.
Adding to the misery is the fact you or your team mate have to win all of many, many races to unlock those tracks.
And my biggest complaint about Mario Kart Wii is repeated here: the power ups are just too powerful. You can get the best driver and still lose when you competition blows you away with rockets and zips past you with the "Free Pass" power up just as you're ready to finish the race. It's very infuriating.
Still, NASCAR is a fun driving game and people who love Mario Kart Wii should give it a try. RENT IT.

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To be honest

posted by 35yrgamer (CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY) Mar 26, 2009

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Being a new Wii owner I am having trouble adjusting to the graphics. I am used to smooth, clean and crisp xb360 HD stuff, and this game is in stark contrast. I am running the Wii in 480p, but this game has very bad(complete lack) of AA, in other words it looks all jagie when playing. If you can get used to the graphics the rest of the game isn't too bad.
Sure its Mario Kart with Nascar faces, but its fun. The talked about tag team zone stuff works nice, the power ups aren't as drastic as in Mario Kart. The Karts control nice( I like the fact that I can use my old GC controlers). The power slides work well. And very little can be found wrong with the game. Draw backs(besides the god aweful graphics), would be lack of an online mode, too few tracks, bland track design, not enough nascar drivers, and chopy four player split screen play. I think the game makes a nice rental, we enjoyed it for a few days - beyond that? Milage may vary.

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Very Good

Good Basic game

posted by dirkster67 (LEICESTER, NC) Mar 25, 2009

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It's not for die hard Nascar fans wanting the typical Nascar game from EA Sports . It is very fun though . Easy to play, easy to learn.

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