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Very Good

A Nice Racer With Interesting Kinks

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 25, 2009

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NASCAR Kart is an overall good racing game with tight steering, nice slides and a team mate mode for obtaining boosts that simulates the co-operation needed in the real thing.

The Wiimote is held sideways as in most racing games and tilted to steer left or right. It is responsive and very well graduated to the level of tilt - the essential for any race game.

Co-operation comes in by staying close to your team mate - when a little lightning bolt connects the two cars you will see your boost meter fill up, to a max of three boosts which are used with A.

You can also fill this meter at the start of a race by pressing the 2 button repeatedly just before the flag goes down - if you are fast enough you can get 2 boosts before the race starts this way.

The real key to doing well is to slingshot when your team mate is in front of you. Do this repeatedly and you start a sort of yo-yo effect that results in faster boosts each time.

Pickups for destroying and wrecking the oppositon are fairly standard stuff - rockets, oil, dynamite - and work just like you would think. A Free Pass will usually boost you to the guy in front and needs to be used with more care than the others.

Comparisons with Mario Kart are inevitable. Any good racer on the Wii is probably going to share something with Mario just by nature of the hardware limitations and the fact that it was implemented so well - and so is this game. In the end though NASCAR Kart is different enough to carve out it's own personality with the co-op boost.

The worst thing about the game is what most racing games suffer from - even Mario Kart - and that is the limited amount of tracks. I've come to expect this on any racer so I don't really think that alone should mark the game down too far.

To sum up - rent it, try it and you may keep it. I'm sitting on it for a while to see whether it may be a keeper as multi-player is definitely fun.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Solid 8

posted by hobieone (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 13, 2009

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The game is over all fun but at first one can think its to easy due to the default skill level is rookie but increasing that take care of that minor issue:)

there are really two things that i can say that this game can compare to mario kart. one is go karts the other the power ups which face it is typical that you'd find in these types of games. but the tracks are definitely unique and have their own challenges. and playing as team with the ai or another player with the sling shot boost makes it unique.

Graphics on this game were pretty good but not the best I've seen on the wii. and having you choice for controls to use is a definite plus for any racing game i think. only thing holding this game back from being a 9 or 10 is lack of online multiplayer.

if you like racing games or a racing fan this game is definitely worth buying!

like others i hope ea releases an officially licensed nascar game for the wii. wouldn't mind seeing an updated version of dirt to daytona with online multiplayer!

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GF Rating


Fun, especially if you like nascar

posted by gamequeen7 (SARONA, WI) Feb 20, 2009

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5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

We played it for hours, its fun and pretty easy to beat. If your into racing games its worth the buy.

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