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Also on:PS3, Xbox 360
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posted by pillow (PALO ALTO, CA) Dec 31, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Great game but wait, when you look at the vid's to see if you would want it, you see a vid on customizing your own car so you put it in your Q, but they don't say how hard it is to unlock it. I am rank 30, about 850,000 nxp, and I still haven't unlocked it.

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Very poorly made

posted by arstron (SIKESTON, MO) Nov 15, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I had this game for a month from Gamefly, I really wanted to like the game, but the flaws are just to bad. I just picked up an xbox 360 and this game for it and to be honest its like playing two totally different games. To be honest, comparing the wii version of Nascar 2011 to the xbox 360 version is like comparing Super Nintendo Mario Kart to any of Papyrus's Nascar Racing.

Thanks to the wii controller, when pressing the break button or the throttle button, it is either all or nothing, there is no in between, so keeping throttle control and abs assist options on is a must. The opponents cars will not pit on caution flags, so to keep things fair, if I had to pit under caution, I would then pit the next green flag lap or else I would end up a lap ahead when the opponents did pit.

Wrecks in this game are so bad, that I dont know where to begin. In the middle of a wreck you might have a car do a complete 90 degree turn and shoot into the inside or outside walls, then face the right way and take off. At other times you might barely bump a car and it slams on its brakes and stops in the middle of the track, this happens a lot on pit road with the AI cars and brings out a lot of cautions.

You can not change your setup before a race starts and the default setup is so crazy on some tracks that its funny. On one track, the default tire psi was 20psi on the left side and 60 psi on the right. What I started doing was causing a caution on the first lap, pitting under caution and changing my tire pressures and wedge then.

With damage on in this game, it only hurts your on track performance until you pit. All damage will be repaired after a normal 2 or 4 tire pit stop.

If you wreck any where around pit road, make sure your tires do not touch pit road, as you will get a black flag and be restarted at the beginning of pit road and forced to take a pass through penalty, there will be no cautions, no matter how big of a wreck until you get control of you

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speeding to a flat tire

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) Oct 28, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

I had recently played Nascar 2011 and was very disappointed. The racing in this game is very realistic and includes all the tracks on the nascar circuit. The graphics are top notch from the tracks to the cars themselves. I was disappointed by the fact that the game only included the Nascar sprint cup series. I was thought that rookie mode was to hard I was only able to win at daytona and finished last in all other races. Everytime you try to pass someone a crash happens sending you back to last place. Also the controls are hard to handle having to drive with the nunchuck for steering. Next time Activision attempts to make a nascar game include controls for the steering wheel, the nascar truck series and busch series and also an easier rookie mode for the casual race game fan. I would recommend this game as a rental for nascar fans only. All race game fans will find this game boring for its lack of racing modes and for the hardness of the races other then daytona. Try a little harder next time activision.

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