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GF Rating


not to good

posted by KThegame007 (NORTH CHARLESTON, SC) Apr 4, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This game is alright if you can ignore the huge glitches it has, like for instance if your car gets spun around and several others are involved there will be no yellow but if one computer car spins regardless of other cars involved automatic caution. Another thing i have noticed is pitting is glitched i went to pit under caution as the leader but before my car could go to the pits all the oponents car zoomed bye into the pits preventing my car from entering, so my computer controled car just stayed on the track but at a severly reduced speed as though it was trying to pit still, the computer cars came back out of the pits and passed me by cause i was goin so slow. The next lap around my car finaly entered the pits but didn't stop in the pitbox just drove straight through and rejoined the pack but because the camera didn't switch to the pitcrew the game thought i was still waiting to pit so we drove around in caution with no control until my car ran out of gas and the race ended.

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GF Rating


real review

posted by registe (ANCHORAGE, AK) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Just got this game in its pretty good. Easy to control, and you can turn off assists once you get good enough. This is a good game and you'll be happy when trying it out. have a good race

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i really wanted to like this game

posted by thevinster (TUCSON, AZ) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

but i cant, there is so much wrong with this game that it is impossible to.
ill lay it out for you..

-looks nice
-tracks are realistic
-controls are good

-caution flags hardly come up even if ive been turned around and cars are piling up behind me
-the bump drafting mechanic causes AI to ram into you at the most idiotic times
- not even an option for a visible racing line
- AI is weak and timid
-the third person camera angle seems to be off center which bugs me
- old drivers and numbers

it needs major patches and updates for me to play it again

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