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Nascar Lovers & Nascar Game Lovers

posted by TheGamerOfLife (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 16, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

i will break this down by saying if you love nascar period you will enjoy this game just to race.. grapichs and etc.

on the other hand if you been a deep nascar game franchise player this game will initially be game frustrated on renting and buying purposes.. in my opinion it had all the right things going i would enjoyed it if it was actually made by americans not Europeans nascar is an american sport this game was put together of the aspect to get brought because of the name (just as call of duty black ops) crashing is overrated, career mode, online mode, and the game itself would be fit for wii not an xbox 360 or ps3 maybe in the fututre this game will have a update to change things

create a car is one of the most things that was never worked on you have to add all sponsor bumper stickers on the side of your car just to make it look authentic (it will take atleast 2hours)

ea should just teamed up with activision on this title to atleast make one of the best racing games of the year instead gran turismo will take it.. that being said gran turismo had better aspects when it came to nascar period i understand you can adjust your car for every track but some of those presets are made for your car to crash into the wall generally if your brand new to nascar games or a legend you will trash this game

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Here it is......Not!

posted by Pompdaddy (GLEN BURNIE, MD) Apr 12, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

I really got hyped for this game.I admit I am a fan of a simulator type experience which is what I thought I was getting but the game is broken.I got 12 races into the season and jus couldn't do it anymore.
As just about everyone has said they got the driving good,but the Nascar experience is just not there. Perfect example, I was dead last at Daytona with 2 laps left then the entire field pitted coming to the white flag and I won...soo disappointing.Pitting was a crapshot every race after didn't matter when I tryed it usually cost me the race.Not much of a review more of a "what happened to me" kinda deal but everyone else pretty much hit in the pros and cons.Better luck in 2012

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posted by tjriddle (PLAINS, MT) Apr 12, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Anticipated this game for a year, waste of my time. First off, sometimes in the game when your driving with no one around you all of a sudden you hit an invisible brick wall and your car starts flipping. Second, the caution flags are a joke, there will be a huge wreck and no yellow, yet sometimes a little tap will send a yellow out. Personally I would like to see more realistic yellows even a yellow for debris. Then there is the fact when making a custom paint scheme you cannot have the car manufacture or the lights and grill, yet in single player mode they have all of the cars so it's not like they didnt get permission to use them like in EA Sports. There are very few sponsers to decorate your car with, and when you earn a sponser in career mode I would think that it would be put on your car, but not so much. Another thing that really annoys me is there is no rear view mirror, all you have to rely on is that stupid little yellow thing in the bottom of your screen. This game is a joke and i really hope some one else gets this contract or they drastically change the game!!

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