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NASCAR 09 is this thing broken???

posted by blazer8487 (JONESTOWN, PA) Jul 9, 2008

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alright i love nascar and i still believe the best nascar game to date was nascar 98. this year ea has put in a create a car feature that allows you to put what ever you want on it. so if you wanna make the number 8 with budweiser on it you can. so here is my brake down of the game.

GRAPHICS-9 (better but a still not as good as they could be)
PYHSICS-5 (didn't no that i could do 4 barrel rolls and land on my wheels and still win the race)
GAMEPLAY-5 still same horrible handling cars as always, no matter what you do you can't get a good car)

the online in this game absolutly sucks. now saying that here is why. the servers absolutly suck, the cars appear and disapear. the new create a car that the box says you can use online.....forget it your the only one who can see it, to everyone else your a primered car. also if you actually could fiNnd a good car setup in the offline mode the same set up WILL NOT work the same in the online at the sam e track. and finally the AI is brain dead. every race i've tried the winner is usually the guy who qualified first. the cars magically spam on top of each other and cause caution after caution, till the race is over or you take too much damage and/or get black flagged for rough drivin. this game could really benefit from a rival game the way madden did from 2k5. the game is still to based for hardcore gamers

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for some time

posted by madden11 (SANFORD, NC) Aug 18, 2010

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i liked it because i can turn auto braking off and all of that but now all of a sudden when i hit session info after a race it freezes up and i have to restart it and i wish you could simulate a race for once in offline mode but no i have to run at martinsville wher eim terrible at but apart from that great game but the offline drivers are terrible resarts are asy im 43rd to begin a race and once i get into turn 1 im already like 15th and its on hard with addaptive strength on but no multiplayer offline is bad but ill give it a 10

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Waste of Time

posted by caseyth (LAS VEGAS, NV) Dec 29, 2009

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Nascar '09 was an utter waste of time. This is by far one of the worst driving games ever created. The visuals are ok, but they are a generation old. The gameplay is boring, unchallenging, and completely uninspired.

There are two game modes. The first is literally designed for 3 year olds, and consists of pressing the button for the accelerator while occasionally using the stick to steer while the computer automatically adjusts your car's speed. There is no chance of losing a race, or hitting the wall.

The more advanced game mode is not much better with only having a slightly higher chance of hitting the wall through turns.

This game has virtually no race mechanics built into it, and will be a dramatic disappointment for Nascar and race game fans alike. The ability to visually customize your car is pretty solid with lots of options. Too bad they devote that much time and effort into the gameplay.

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