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It's nascar...

posted by Mindmerge (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) Jan 12, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

My son and I got bored of this one PDQ. We prefer the scenery rich rally sport style racing to the monotonous oval & pit... if you like the oval and enjoy wrecking other cars... you'll enjoy it.

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challenging but ok

posted by racer4 (SOUTH BEND, IN) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

well after reading some of the reviews i decided to rent this game bcuz i am a huge nascar fan and im up to playing any nascar game..ive played every game from nascar 2003 thunder to nascar 09 except the 2004 one. now after playing this game for a few hours i found out that the car wanting to turn left down the straightaways isnt as bad as i thought it would be. but one problem is that the car is very loose and hard to adjust with out loosing speed. which brings me to another thing is that even tho i try to get as much speed as possible out of my car and hit my marks i still quailfy bad. but once the race starts it isnt very hard to get my car up the pack and take the lead. i also think that the grapics are good on some of the tracks but not others. although the track graphics may not be great the car graphics are amazing even tho on the cot there is no manufacture name and they all look the same besides the paint scheam and number and sponsers. another part to this game that is good and bad is the damage to the cars, its cool to look at the car when its beat up but wats bad about it is that the littlest bump frm behind will cause big damage. and that brings me to the AI which is alittle annoying bcuz they always beat on you but nascar 08 is still a game i am enjoying and having fun how to perfect the tracks, setups, and stratageys

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Worst NASCAR game made to date/

posted by Tifus1988 (LOCKPORT, NY) Apr 16, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

The only good thing about this game is that it has Mike Wallace in it. there is no Fight to the top mode for the 360 version. and the ps2 version is bad, you sign half year contracts and after you move up to the next level, such as moving from mod to truck. you cant sign contracts for mod teams anymore, you alson cant buy your own team. the one thing that erked me the most is the handling is terrible. I would be going through the tunr at Martinsville and the car would flip over and barol roll down the entire lenght of the straight... AT MARTINSVILLE!!!! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! WHAT THE HECK??? it you want a GOOD nascar game with (in my opinion) the GREATEST carrier mode, get NASCAR Thunder 2002. you actually have to hire pit crew workers and build and repair your engines, chassies, and body work. NASCAR 08 is Terrible.

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