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Above Average

Nascar 08 flaws and fame

posted by Critix (PLEASANTON, TX) Jul 28, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

nascar 08 comes along with many different challenges which should not leave you bored. driving in a race is very tricky, and this is a game which is meant to be played alot. there are several minor driving flaws, hard to turn- going through the wall- as well as no 2 player! A fun game for nascar fans out there, but for serious gamers- this isnt a key buy/

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Very Good

Not Bad, but Not Perfect, Either.

posted by jacobjtl (VINCENNES, IN) Jul 27, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I've read a lot of reviews with people complaining about the steering. Yes, it is very hard to to get used to. But it's very realistic. This makes you feel like you're really racing. The control scheme could use improvement, but it's tolerable. The online play is very fun. However, it lags a lot, and you will find yourself getting disconnected from the server every now and then. These things are annoying, but you will be able to forgive and forget after playing a few races. And, you don't have to just sit in a lobby while you wait for people to join. You can go to practice, and wait for people while you're testing your setup out. One other bad thing is that your competitors cars are sometimes glitching, and it's hard to tell sometimes exactly where they are on the track. You may find yourself suddenly piled up with someone who wasn't even next to you when you crashed. However, these are minor annoyances compared with the fun to be had. The chase mode is...OK, but I've preferred past career modes, as this one can be boring. The graphics are quite good, also. You should rent this game, most definitely.

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GF Rating


not soo bad

posted by htcris (CEDAR HILL, TX) Jul 27, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

I've read some reviews on here talking about how bad the graphics are and how the controls are soo hard.

The graphics are actually pretty good. The controls are easy, its all about the technique. I saw a review on here where the writer said it perfectly. On the left thumstick, push up on it like it was the gas. Also while making slight adjustments to turn.

I have finished 2 races on season mode. The first I finished 1st place and the second I finished 10th.

The only MAJOR complaint I have about this game is the lack of career mode. I expect better next year EA.

Bottom line, is if you want a realistic Nascar game then at least rent it. Make sure you try the controls that was mentioned earlier. This game is not soo bad

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