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Black Flagged for Rough Driving

posted by RavenDMC (WILLIAMSON, WV) May 5, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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As much as I want to love each and every NASCAR game that comes out, it seems that each and every year for the past several, EA has brought out the red flag.

Although there is much to enjoy with the features in this game, even the diehard NASCAR fans will be put off by the twitch controls. My understanding is controls are slightly better with M$'s wheel, but I haven't tried that myself, and you should'nt be forced to buy a $130 controller to play a game anyway.

Achievements are done very well, although the poor car control will make them a bit harder to get than they should be, but several easy ones somewhat make up for this. Keep in mind though that 500+ of the games 1,000 achievement points require lots of driving. One requiring a total of 5,000 miles clocked around the tracks.

Graphically, the game isn't anything special. Tracks, although better looking than last gen, still seem a bit bland trackside for some reason. The cars though, do look much better, even if the damage effects are poorly and overly done.

Gameplay is what you would expect from a NASCAR game, although the bad controls hamper the enjoyment and for some reason, AI cars don't bump draft, they slam into you, taking away a vital aspect of the sport for fans.

If you're a fan of NASCAR, I'd recommend renting this instead of purchasing this year. Hopefully next year EA drops the green flag and the cars will be drivable.

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this game stinks

posted by cl0ckw0rk (BRONSTON, KY) Jul 27, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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ok the racing in this game is ok but the fact that you can be doing really well and then the AI comes out of nowhere and does you over with a small hit to your rear makes this game one of the most annoying games for the 360. and not only the AI is the problem it seems if you take a turn wrong in this game that you automatically spin out which makes this game even more aggravating then what it already is. :x

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Very Good

posted by coop8643 (GLENSHAW, PA) Jul 25, 2007

Member since Jul 2005

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I wasn't really planning on writing a review on this game, but after reading a few of them in here I felt obligated to give you a real one (in my mind lol)

People are complaining about how hard the controlling the car in this game is, well it's really not all that bad once you get used to it, but the key fact is realism in the driving. I think EA really wanted to make it feel like you were driving a Nextel Cup car with a controller. If you think its too hard just go to your options and change the sensitivity if you enjoy making perfect turns when actually you probably screwed up the turn pretty bad.

Graphically it's awesome! It has the most realistic wrecks in a racing game I have ever seen!Also I enjoy watching the very real looking smoke and dust caused by your tires.

I didn't really enjoy the chase mode in which you have to go through 10 mini games to earn license's, contracts, and ownerships. They are fun until you have to do them all six times... But hey it's better than 07's work your way from nothing into a great Nextel Cup driver!

And yes the online play is so far very poor, most of the time EA's servers are down, in which I am hoping they are making patches for an update.

Overall this is one of the best NASCAR games that EA has produced. So if you are looking for the closest thing to actually being behind the wheel of a Nextel series car this came is definitely for you!

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