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Really Bad


posted by mrc131 (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Sep 18, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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This game is plain horrible. My hopes weren't too high being a NASCAR game. With nascar not being a real sport and all. Besides my reserves there this game is offal. The worst part, besides the sorry excuses for cut scenes, is the handling. Perhaps this is something that goes along with driving a overweight, torque machine, but it's grossly unpleasant in a video game. Im very good at real driving games like GT so I don't think its a skill issue. The handling is like driving a Buick down the highway at 120. You might as well be driving a boat. You may like this game if you are a nascar driver and enjoy seeing yourself in a video game, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

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This is no game

posted by gamerjim (WEST COLUMBIA, SC) Sep 24, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Be warned NASCAR 08 is not a game. A game as defined by me (LOL) is an entertainment medium that is considered both fun and entertaining. Nascar 08 is a bonified Simulator with game elements a simulator is Medium used to train or introduce others to the brand or interest. As in Naval sims flight sims and racing sims.
though these can be entertaining to some they can be very frustrating to most. Dont try this at home is something we have all heard but never seem to listen to. Nascar 08 is fun but it is very frustrating at times. Hey if this game is so real why not allow all sponsors freedom to portray their products hmmm.

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Not very good...

posted by tdr2009 (CHRISTIANSBURG, VA) Apr 8, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This game is NOT very good.
Great graphics
Good sound
Good Camera angles (i.e Inside car, behind, Far Behind, etc.)
All the NASCAR drivers
Ability to create cars
Horrible Gameplay
Horrible Controls
Cars are always turning itself to the left, maybe trying to "help" you, but mainly making you go out of control.

To start, the game has very good graphics and sound, has good camera angles, has all NASCAR drivers (from 2008), and you can create your own cars (with own Number, color, designs, etc.). On the other hand, it has horrible controls and gameplay. Your car always veers to the left, on curves AND on the straight-away. When it does this, it will most likely make you go out of control. The cars are almost impossible to drive. The steering is VERY sensitive, and I don't know if adjusting sensitivity will help or not, but considering how bad it is right now, it probably won't. If your very experienced with driving games, you may be able to drive correctly, but most people, including me, can't drive it to the best of my knowledge. At least GameFly is here to let you try the game first! Because that is what I recommend, a rental only.

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