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Really Bad

Nascar08 Dissapoints....

posted by PS3neXtGen (BLOOMFIELD, NJ) Aug 9, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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EA Sports really looked liked it was overmatched with this title. AS ESPN is struggling with NASCAR coverege, as to is EA.

I am an avid NASCAR fan and follow the sport closely and have to say this game although detailed and somewhat creative lacks the fundamental aspect of all Racing Sims (Gameplay)

The gameplay is horrific, control of the cars are Extremely hard at best and lead the users to flick their joystick instead of a rolling motion in order to turn around corners. Given it is a SIM but 90% of all game users will have trouble getting used to the controls. Its just too hard to control, worse than Motorstorm.

Next, their isnt a HEAD to HEAD mode. You cant just pick up and race against a buddy. Instead you get a few season modes and other challenges.
Some of them are fun and remind me of Gran Turismo type license challenges. But overall the replay value of this game lies all in the Online Function.

I did not get a chance to play through a full season but from what I saw is very tedious and will leave even the most patient gamers frustrtaed.

Graphics are pretty good. I keep hearing the "Not Next-Gen" line alot over most PS3 games that our out. But compared to PS2 it def screams next gen to me. The damage when bumpin and grinding against the walls are realistic. The drifting is a little over top as they try to emphasize it WAY too much. Reminds me of Maddens Passing Cone when it was introduced.

EA needs to retool this franchise or simply drop the title from its works.

One plus is the extreme detail you can customize your care. From the tire pressure to Engine MAX RPMS. But it is all smoke and mirrors. When you change these it has litte if NOT ANY affect on your stock car.

Overall I give NASCAR 08 an 2\10.


DNB-R = Do Not Buy-Rent
BBB= Buy Buy Buy

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Same thing different day

posted by Omen159 (SMITH RIVER, CA) Jul 26, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

The Graphics are intense and the music tracks are pretty good, But why cant the controls be better?I have played just about all the Nascar games out there and this one isn't any better when it comes to steering, sure its playable but frustrating when the slightest thumb movement puts you into the wall or another car. 15 minutes into it and back into the envelope it went, Even after changing the default steering sensitivity either its too little or too much. Better luck next year!

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Huge Disappointment

posted by OrionPaxx (LAFAYETTE, LA) Jul 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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The graphics are amazing and audio is much improved. The music selection is slim but you can always add your own tracks. The control is awful. It is near impossible to do anything on easy. half the time all you do is spin out. Now I understand this on harder levels but on the easiest level it had my son almost in tears as he had been waiting for this and couldn't complete 1 task or even compete in a race. I was able to complete a couple tasks but after several hours of swearing and getting frustrated. The easy level should be exactly what it means easy control. The draft is an interesting feature but impairs your vision so bad you hit the wall. There are just too many things going on. I have tried to change the controls but it all feels so sluggish. Maybe better with a steering wheel perhaps. I actually prefer 05 much better than to this monstrosity. Hopefully Madden will get my mind off of Nascar in a couple weeks...

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