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You have to be Hardcore...

posted by BigDuke (LOS ANGELES, CA) Sep 16, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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This is my first review, but after playing this game I had to express my opinion.

First off the graphics and sounds were great!

Secondly, I liked the different on screen details that let you see the status of your car (i.e. tire damage, body damage, etc.). I felt it was very well done and kept you informed on your car's status.

Thirdly, I personally enjoyed how the game put you directly in "The Chase" and makes you complete certain mini-taks before you can compete in a race, but I can understand how some would not like this since it doesn't give you an option to go straight to racing.

Gameplay: The gameplay is completely impossible and unfair. You cannot keep the car straight for anything on the turns. On the straght-aways it is near impossible to keep straight as well. This would be okay if the track wasn't so unforgiving, meaning that if you go too low into the yellow you are done for and go out of control. If you go to high you are sucked into the wall and go out of control. If you bump another car you go out of control. If you try and avoid the car you go too high or too low and I mentioned what happens when those occur.

I belive this game just exemplifies what's wrong with sports video game programmers. They seem to make games only for hardcore gamers (people who have nothing else to do). Meaning you have to spend so many hours just learning how to play the NEW installment of a game to get any good at it. By the time a normal person, who has a job, family, better yet a LIFE learns it the NEW-NEW installment comes out and the genious video game programmers have totally "REVAMPED" the gameplay. I have a life, so I can't spend a whole week straight in my mother's basement learning how to master some new gameplay.

This is happening in the Madden, NBA Live, NCAA Football dynasty/franchise modes where you have to do way too much to get through a season let alone a career. To an extent, companies not named EA seem to get it a bit.

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NASCAR 08 for PS3

posted by DEGATONA (POINT MARION, PA) Apr 23, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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i can only comment on what i know about this game and that is online play...mostly. for some strange reason the game throws you right in to "the chase" as soon as you turn it on with no way to exit dr jerry punch's narrative about the chase, how to draft and other nonsense. once your first drafting lesson begins you can quickly exit the heck out of there and get to the actual game. personally (and as i'm told by the 100's of people i meet in online races) i bought (rented) this game for online play, which i'll get to shortly.
first, the only thing i know about offline play is the "race now" mode and "create a car" feature. "race now" is a good place to tweak and tune your car setups for various tracks and gives you baseline knowledge on how your car reacts around other (AI) cars. any serious gamer will find however that the AI cars don't offer much compitition even in "hard" mode.
the "create a car" mode would be great if you could show off your ride in online play but alas...not. you can't take your creation online so this feature is pretty much useless unless your forte is offline in "the chase' or "career" mode.
now, to the meat of this gamers play. well, let's just say EA fell way short of the mark with this one. yes, once you actually get to complete an entire race with out being kicked from the server and are in a race that you or another host has created where other players are respectful and drive clean it's a pretty intense and competitive experience. it's all about the setup. if you manage to gain a reputation as a clean racer and get in with a certain click of gamers setups are passed around to each other like currency.
that having been said, you can expect a complete race about once every 10 attempts. you're either left hanging in what is jokingly called "the waiting room" where it says "connecting to host".(DON'T BELIEVE IT!) or end up kicked from the server usually during the best part of the race. ENJOY!

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A true simulator, but too tough to control

posted by JasonDM (WEST DES MOINES, IA) Aug 16, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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Word of advice, if you don't have a wheel, don't rent this one. It is almost impossible to steer with the controller, even after adjusting the controller settings. It was hard to just drive straight on the straightaways. Think of this game as a true simulator, and you'll need all of the simulation equipment!

Graphically speaking, the game was great, top notch. Very smooth flowing too. The crashes were great too, believe me, I was in enough of them!

FYI, I'm not a big NASCAR fan (never watched a full race), but do enjoy a good racing game.

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