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N3II: Ninety Nine Nights 2

posted by Unkn0wn (NEW YORK, NY) Sep 20, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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For a game with such an obnoxiously long title, N3II really doesn't pack the punch it should.

Set in a fantasy world like most other hack/slashes N3II has the unique aspect of playing the same story through 5 different perspectives (one for each character.) The storyline is rather simplistic, but there are plenty of cinematic with cutting edge graphics and beautiful women so it more than most games offer in that front.

This would really be a perfect game if not for the difficulty. There is a difference between "hard" and "stupid". Some of you may have learned the difference in "Demon's Souls". While this game is not quite as tough as Demon's Souls, it certainly packs the same frustration when you die and have to start everything all over again. Beginning the game on Normal mode is common sense for experienced gamers. But normal mode in this is like legendary mode in god of war, only, they don't tell you that. So you'll want to start on easy and level up your characters. You can switch over to normal later if you'd like, but I assure you easy is hard enough.

The game plays a bit like a combination of Devil May Cry meets the Dynasty Warriors Franchise with a hint of Gauntlet Legends in there. There is online Co-op available as well. Like Dynasty warriors you will control one guy. or girl, fighting pretty much an entire army. Hoards of enemies on the field at a time, none of whom on their own can really hurt you. Then you've got your larger, less frequent enemies, who can really tear you to shreds if your not careful. There are pots you can break for health, and you'll need to save them for when you really need them because if you die, there are VERY FEW check points and you'll have to start the level all over again retaining nothing. Can you imagine playing a level for 35+ minutes, then dying and having to do it all over again? I'm sure you've had that happen to you before except with N3II, every level is like this. Buy this if you love H/Ss at your own risk.

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Above Average

Button masher...nothing more

posted by Ganster (WESTMINSTER, MD) Sep 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I played the demo and thought the full game might be interesting. It is just another button masher. The story is non-existant and the game play is the same, clear level, rinse, and repeat. After about 30 minutes into the game I realized just how shallow this game really is. The graphics and sound are good, as are the combos. But that alone is not enough to keep you coming back to the game. Look elsewhere for a fun game that will keep your attention for more than an hour.

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Not as good as the first one

posted by TonyC82 (AUSTIN, TX) Jul 4, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Some may not agree with me on my review. You should know I was really looking forward to playing this game when it was announced and now that I have played it I am extremely disappointed.

First I thought the game would sport the same style of game play, where the hero fights and controls an army. I was hoping they would strengthen the army so they would be more useful but instead they removed that feature completely.

Next they made the characters overly dramatic, even more so than the first N3. I believe the characters are not as deep and interesting as the first game.

The story is pretty basic, light vs dark, dark needs to be stopped by the light blah blah blah. Same old story different characters.

Lastly the game requires zero skill. Basically you can press two buttons and beat the game if you press them enough times. There are a lot of places where you need a lot of luck to beat them as well. This makes the game almost unplayable to me. The controls aren't fluid enough to allow for skill in some cases. I was so tired of playing the same places over and over again.

The game has some good graphics and well designed character models but that can not make up for the lack of fun that comes from playing the same area over and over hoping to get lucky enough to beat it.

The new customization is nice but shallow and the new special abilities are pretty good.

Maybe worth a rent but I wouldn't recommend buying.

Here's a list of monsters that make the game less fun those cave troll things that punch you around like a rag doll and you basically have to take it just to hit them, the fire balloon guys who burn you even when you are hacking them to pieces, the poison spore things that take a ridiculous amount of damage from you and can't be hit, and the three rock leg things that you have to knock down at the same time repeatably, these are all reasons to not play this game at all.

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