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N3: Ninety-Nine Nights


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Gameplay Controls

N3: Ninety-Nine Nights

GamePlay: During the game, you can check individual character controls by selecting Controls in the Pause Menu.

Directional Pad Issue Commands to Guards: Up = Attack Enemy Unit Indicated by Arrow. Down = Regroup Near Me and Defend.
Left Thumbstick Move Character
Right Thumbstick Change Camera Angle (Click in to Adjust Range)
A Button Jump. Confirm.
B Button Orb Attack. Orb SparkBack.
X Button Normal Attack
Y Button Power Attack
Left Bumper Summon/Release Guards on Your Left
Right Bumper Summon/Release Guards on Your Right
Left Trigger Block. Reset Camera Angle.
Right Trigger Special Move
Start Pause Menu
Back Status Screen
Combo #1 X, Y = Wing Ring
Combo #2 Y, X = Sword Slash
Combo #3 Y, Y, Y = Dancing Sword
Combo #4 X, X, X, X = Mistral Attack
Combo #5 Y, Y, Y, Y = Dancing Sword (Level 2)