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GF Rating


Really? No i mean really?

posted by Deadset (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Apr 1, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

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Not only was this a bad game it shook my faith, that a good RTS could be made on the PSP. I will make no bones about it the game is bad. Not only is it so easy my brother could speed run it in 6 hours, but it poses no challenge at any point to any player with 1/4 of a brain. Lets break it down shall we.....

Visual: Sub par for any game of this age. 1/10

Game Play: I really like RTS, it pained me to finish this game but i did because i was thinking, "It gets better i just know it".... sadly i was mistaken. 1/10

Art design: This was so generic there was no art, if there was a 0/10. this would be it but i follow the rules. 1/10

Voice over: So painfully Jp it made me want to kick puppies, and I'm so pro puppie. 1/10

Music: Generic at best. 2/10

Over all play: 1/10

This game is avoid if you can but if you cant pass up Mech RTS, like i could not. You have been warned, may god have mercy on the puppies on the puppies souls. All in all this game was so bad that this review was needed. Disagree feel free but i dont think you will. Once again you have been WARNED.

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GF Rating


Shipping Errors

posted by N0tHappy (TEMPLE CITY, CA) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Why is it that when one of your systems finally fries and you remove it from your list and all the games associated with said system, THAT I STILL GET GAMES NOT ON MY LIST. I ordered this game, it never showed up, so they sent me some other game third or fourth on my list for the SECOND TIME. SO after a week of NOTHING, I told them I never got it and then removed the system.

They sent me another PSP game even though I got rid of them all.

Today I got a third game for the PSP, now I have to call them so they can fix this bloody error.

This does not make me happy as it is cheaper to rent a game from my local store than it is to order from here, less frustrating.

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