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Myth Makers: Trixie in Toyland


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Really Bad

"Myth"ically bad game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 12, 2008

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Myth Makers: Trixie in Toyland is your basic 3D platformer. Or I should say everything that's wrong about a 3D platformer.
As Trixie, your job is to search several levels for spheres that the evil Penumbra has hidden. Along the way you battle against blocks, helicopters and robots.
But those enemies are nothing compared with the game's flaws.
First, you're saddled with an uncooperative camera. The darn thing just won't stay still. It twitches, turns and takes very close up shots of your character when it should be focoused on the next jump or on the bad guy that's trying to beat you up.
Then, there's the awful double jumping mechanism. Making the most basic jumps is a huge feat as you have to time your second jump precisely, or you will not make any progress. It's frustrating because you'll have to pull these jumps several dozen times over. One miss can set you back - sometimes back a lot.
Even walking about the level is a pain. Trixie has the ability to either walk too slowly or go too fast. The change in speed comes suddenly, and it causes me to fall off ledges many times.
Finally, there's the graphics that make this game look like it's running on the Nintendo 64.
So, what's good about the game? Well, you can try to search any part of the level at any time, but the bad jumping, movement and camera makes this a needlessly hard chore.
Mythmakers: Trixie in Toyland joins several other Data Design Interactive games (London Taxi, Monster Trux Off Road, Rig Racer 2) in the trash heap.

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GF Rating


Final Judgement: Denied

posted by Palyndrome (WHITTIER, CA) Jul 8, 2008

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So upon playing this game, something came to mind. We all remember Iron Man, right? This game makes Iron Man look like the Messiah of video games.

The controls are really complicated and even when this was aimed at a child audience, it still is difficult to get. The controls are really choppy as well and the game likes to do what you don't want it to.

Graphics wise, it's about 4. So-so character designs, but it lacks any sort of realism.

Sound his just horrific. It's the same old cheesy sound effects over and over. Don't like voice dialogue? No worries! It's Boogie all over again.

All-in-all, this game sucks. If you want a bad game to play, go pick up Iron Man (or just don't play either of them at all).

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