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Mystic Heroes


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Very Good

dynasty warriors in a cool anime style

posted by silentkill (VICTORIA, TX) Jun 29, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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well if you ever played one of the dynasty warriors and you didn't like it walk away right now this game is alot like dynasty warriors but!!, Instead of fighting people you fight monsters and if you die its not always the end you can have a supporter in you party that heals you after you die but you gotta unlock him/her its got a good range of level to al in all its fun if you looking for 4 player action this would be the game to pick up and its not really violent so if you want something to shut 4 people up this is the game, there's a nice story mode to ! all in all i give it a 8

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Nebiyou Reveiw of MYSTIC HEROES

posted by Nebiyou (HARVEY, IL) Apr 15, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Mystic Heroes


Well if you like Dynasty Warriors whom I think most do you would love Mystic Heroes
Mystic Heroes is three great games in one

Mystic Heroes is a great fighting frenzy, although there are limited combos to do, One good thing is the fights, using and combining the fighting combos with magic to juggle you opponents helps in sticky situations, this also allows more different ways of combos

For those fans of RPGs, the upgrade system is awesome for the simple fact of the runes, once you have a rune its all yours, and you can mix and match the runes anyway you like, for instance my favorite is the lighting rune storm and I use it with wind which makes a deadly combination attack if you do it just right

Action/Adventure yes this game has is all, you go over towers, mountains, and even caves everything but moms backyard, I think I liked it because the AI was almost intense especially boss fights


Mystic Heroes

Players: 1/4

Fun Factor: 7

Replay Value: 8

Music: 6

Control: 9

Overall Rating: 7.9

Would I recommend it: YES

Would I buy it: YES

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GF Rating

Very Good

Mystic Heroes

posted by special (BELTON, TX) Aug 4, 2006

Member since May 2005

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This game is VERY GOOD,but the characters are deformed as you can tell from the cover. All the same ,though, it is really fun to play especially if you are looking for a fun night with your friends. Multiplayer is great because there many different ways to play it:co-op,versus,deathmatc- h,and more. The story is good but can only be played single player. The unlockable characters look cooler than the original but they're still deformed(like gigantic hands). Plus wathching midgits fight can be entertaining(I'm mainly reffering to Lani.)I hope this review helps you decide wether you want it or not,and I'll say again it is VERY GOOD!

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