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Mystic Heroes


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Mystic Heroes

Control Stick Select item/Move/Dodge
A Button Select/Sword attack
B Button Cancel/Jump
X Button Sword Spell/Jump Spell (press X Button while jumping)
Y Button Direct Spell
L Button Center Camera/Reorder runes (Rune Settings Screen)
R Button Guard/Reorder runes (Rune Settings Screen)
C Stick Move Camera
Start/Pause Pause Screen/View information on allied units, conditions for victory/Skip movies, return to title screen
Combo #1 Gather Magic: Press X (or Y) Button while holding down the R Button
Combo #2 Target Spell: Hold down the Y Button, target, then release

Combo #1 Shiga: Stun the enemy with a Direct Spell (Y Button) and then dash forward and finish them off.
Combo #2 Lani: Long-range is her favored method of attack. Let the enemy have it with the Target Spell (Hold down the Y Button).
Combo #3 Tai: Lure the enemy into gathering around you. then use a Jump Spell (Press the X Button during a jump) to take them all out at once.
Combo #4 Naja: Cut deep into enemy territory and the unleash your Sword Spell (X Button)

Combo #1 Jump Attack: B Button + A Button
Combo #2 Gather Magic: R Button + X or Y Buttons
Combo #3 Dodge: Right Button + Control Stick
Combo #4 Jump Spell: During jump, press B Button and then X Button
Combo #5 Target Spell: Hold down Y Button + Control Stick, then release Y Button
Combo #6 Spell Combo: Press A Button (2 or 3 times) then Press Y Button
Combo #7 Magic Sword: Press A Button (2 or 3 times) then Press X Button repeatedly