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Cute & Clever

posted by jogre1 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Apr 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

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I was a lot more impressed with this game than I thought I would be. The graphics are very good, easy to play, nice character development, some funny/clever dialogue that will give you a chuckle. On the downside the game does not offer much of a challenge after a few days of playing. I found the tasks becoming repetitive in nature. Some parts of the story really engage you, but others are so-so. I guess you can always skip the parts that you don't like. Definitely would recommend to younger gamers that like a "walking around" type of game. It is a well-crafted game with only a few flaws. I just wish it had a little more depth to it.

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Above Average

My kingdom for some Sims

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 21, 2009

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Member since Mar 2006

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If you're familiar with the Sims... well, it won't really matter when you start playing MySims Kingdom, because it's a whole different game.
This is a game less about social interaction and more about adventure puzzle-solving. Of course, when I say "puzzle-solving" what I really mean is that the game gives you tasks to complete that allow you to continue. These really aren't puzzles, mostly because you're led through them and it's mostly straight-forward otherwise.
The story puts you in the shoes of a royal wandolier, appointed by a king who... needs you to do... stuff. Anyway, doing this stuff requires you to visit a bunch of islands with interesting themes. One island looks like the old west, one resembles a space station, there's a cemetery, academy, playhouse, etc. Suitably wacky characters pop up in each world and require your help to improve their little simulated lives. Doing so will unlock more islands, give you new outfits and unlock new parts.
Speaking of parts, building is a big part of the gameplay. Some of the tasks ask you to set up water or electric lines, but many are about decor. Much of this is free-form, which actually makes the game nicely accessible for younger players, but engaging enough for the seasoned gamer. Oh sure, none of this is all that difficult, you can't die and depth is minimal, but it's an enjoyable experience.
Some problems remain. Environments tend to be too cluttered, leaving your camera angle in constant trouble. Dialogue boxes are mostly just exercises in how fast you can press the A button. The motion-sensor controls can be jerky when placing items on the screen.
It's limited appeal and gameplay might turn some off, but it's a pleasant experience for kids and your inner child.

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i have my own island. best game ever

posted by jacobblast (BELLE VERNON, PA) Jan 23, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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my name is jacob i am 10. i beat the game. it is awasome have my own island i bilt my own castal. it has figurs all over.i evan has a roal chair. i have dance party each month. realy i like to try my sim and my sim party. i realy like to go to uncharted island i am realy in to dinosars i like the dinosar when i saw it in the cage i came to the recue imeditly . sopkean i left on the first step i like yuke. you know [bite on the face!] well bie

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