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EXCELLENT!!! Perfect for kids and adults!

posted by stephieb29 (CLEARFIELD, UT) Mar 14, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I got this game for my seven year old daughter hoping she would find a game that would be more than just little mini games. A friend had told me about this one and since I myself adore Sims on my computer (and she enjoys watching me) I figured we would give this one a try. And...she ADORED it! Absolutely her all time favorite game. And I have to admit, I have fun playing it too. Very cute. As soon as she finishes this one, I am definately going to look at getting her the other sims games. But that probably won't be for a while. There is just SO MUCH to do in this game! Excellent game! Make MORE LIKE THIS!!!

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Better than the original

posted by ecase629 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 8, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

27 out of 32 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

The first MySims was a mess, fun, but still a mess. The loading times alone made me so frustrated I stopped playing. When I did play, it was fun. Designing homes for your sims, placing objects inside them and making custom items was fun, it just took forever. MySims kingdom is all that minus the annoying loading times.
Ostin7900 commented on how all you do in build pipelines, but there's actually alot more. You still collect essences, but this time you use them unlock future tasks or items. I feel it works better because it gives everything a reason. In the original, there was no reason to interact with objects other than to watch your character mess with it. In Kingdom, it rewards you with different essences for interaction with objects and people.
They also have you building homes for people, designing detailed custom objects and yes, sometimes making a pipeline.
They're kept all the "mini-games", but made the controls tighter and again more of an objective this time instead of just collecting to collect. For example, you'll need 10 sapphire essences for a task, so you'll do the metal detector mini-game. I feel this works better than the original.
It's islands this time, so the whole different lands thing works better with bodies of water separating different themes as apposed to a cowboy ranch next to scientist's lab like in the original. They don't give you your own house, but that was never needed in MySims, it was just for decoration and had no use. You use a boat to sail from island to island and use this to change clothes if you want. It all works well with the storyline and again, gets rid of pointless interaction of the original.
Overall, it's a great game. Over 7 hours into it and not nearly finished with 4 islands yet to discovery, maybe more? If you like part one, give this one a chance. At first it might not seem like it's better, but it is.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Love This Game, But It's WAYY Too Easy!

posted by DebLee (ALBERTSON, NY) Nov 25, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

12 out of 15 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

MySims Kingdom is the newest MySims game, and it follows the format of the previous games. In this game, you are bestowed a magical wand from the King, and it gives you the power to create houses, furniture, etc. Your character is very customizable, and you must go around the world helping other Sims with their 'issues.' Some of these 'issues' are funnier than others (such as, a girl who runs around thinking she's a frog).

What I like about this game:

- Bigger world. More space to build things.
- No more glitches. In the first MySims game for the Wii, it was extremely glitchy, especially as you got deeper into the game. No so in Kingdom, this game seems to be fully polished.
- You don't have to build the individual furniture pieces, which I found tedious after a while in the first MySims. The furniture is preset, but you can still paint different colors on most pieces.
- More costumes! Yay!
- New essences.
- New abilities - you can hook up a computer to a generator outside and it will work! Or set up a hot tub in the backyard, as long as you hook up all the pipes to a water pump, you can do whatever you want.

What I don't like about this game:

- I beat it in like two days. Since you spend less time constructing individual furniture pieces, you can accomplish a lot, and do it faster.
- You get upgrades after you complete a certain amount of King Points. After you complete the first tasks for 5 islands, a new set of tasks unlocks on all the islands. Unfortunately for me, I started on the new tasks before even visiting all the remaining three islands - and unwittingly beat the game by accident, before I had even seen all the islands! Luckily you can continue to play after you beat the game (to try and get all the collectibles, etc.).
- Mana is what powers your wand. If you run out, you can't build anything. You can trade in essences for mana, but then your using up your essences.

Overall this game is great and definitely worth a rent!

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