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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun game, highly recomend it to a younger audience

posted by DDRain (BATTLEFIELD, MO) Feb 4, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

I decided to rent this game out due to the fact that Square Enix (makers of The Final Fantasy series) made it and being one of my favorite video game developers, I just HAD to try it out.

So first thing you realize when you start playing that this is definitely for the kids.
Though you might find it to be quite entertaining.
Your main objectives is to find pets for your fellow townspeople and accomplish tasks they give you.
You get these little suns everyday and they are like your energy points that you need to finish a task.
Doing one task costs one sun.
The tasks consists of brushing,feeding,training,washing, dressing up and winning contests such as speed, power and photo.
The mini games are VERY simple and easy and I'll say that goes for the contests also.
Pets will gain more hearts the more you do things with them, and when you finish a mini game, the pet will gain so much of a heart based on your skill bar of the task.
Your skill bars can level up whenever you do enough of one skill allowing pets to gain more hearts whenever you finish the mini game.
You can also have your own pet by going out and catching one!

You also get a guide, alot like a Pokedex from Pokemon, you keep track of what different types of animals you capture.
You catch animals by going into the forests and such given areas and shaking trees,bushes,logs and such until a exclamation pops out and you'll find yourself encountering a animal!
To catch a animal can be simple or quite complicated since each animal seems to have its own nature.
Some animals like the Pink rabbit or Black cat, can be rare to find and will take some patience.
The easiest way to catch animals is by using food or special items that you can buy/make at the shops.
There are three shops in the game, a clothing shop, a accessory shop and a food/special item shops.

Overall I'll give this game a 8 out of 10, the gameplay may get repetitive for the mature folk but the kids will love it.

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GF Rating


so cool

posted by baller2340 (HUDSON, MI) Dec 9, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

I love it you can find a gold pig and find pets to give to your friends

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