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Gotta be honest, buy the PC version.

posted by Brujah (MILFORD, OH) Nov 6, 2008

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Since this game is not just on the DS, and it was translated rather badly for it... save your time and money. Buy the PC version. It isn't the best horse simulation game by far, but it is still better than most of them.. the graphics are decent, and gameplay is at least plausible. Both my daughter and I had fun with the PC version, but based on reviews and some test plays on the DS version, couldn't justify the expense of the game to make the horseyness portable. As most games, all versions of this game seem to be marketed mostly at preteen girls that will never have any real life horse experience, which makes the games less than thrilling for those who actually have been around the real thing for any length of time. However, for the most part, this one at least is fairly fun, and the horses even look like horses. Most of the unlocking seems to be for cosmetic upgrades - clothes and such.. and there's virtually nothing in the way of horse care involved.. but overall, better than a lot of games I've tried about horses on the PC. Again, steer away from the DS version.. far away. If you need a dose of horseys on your DS ... get Horse Life.

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When Will They Get It Right ?

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Jul 24, 2008

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I keep trying these horse games, but very few get it anywhere near the real thing. I know its "just a game" but sports games are supposed to simulate the sport as realistic as possible. This one failed miserably. I dont believe it was sponsored by the FEI or the FEI didnt realize how bad it was.

Whats Wrong?

1. Horses can NOT jump 6-foot fences from a TROT. It is impossible, no matter how well the animal is trained!

2. Here the horse tired TOO FAST. If your horse tires in 5 seconds, put it to sleep! It is SICK or extremely old! (Horses live about 25 years)

3. I should not get "very bad jump" if I jump it crooked. There is NO rule that says you must jump straight. In reality, some jumps are positioned so you couldnt jump straight!

4. In show jumping I want to ride into the arena and have the timer start when I jump the first jump; NOT have a start line and start at a standstill three paces from the first jump! Would these people PLEASE do research before they make these games!!??

The only thing good on this game are the horse colors. There were many colors, even a blue roan (which very few games have). But it wasnt enough to get me interested in finishing the game!

I want a GOOD horse game with it as realistic as possible.

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