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Better than a REAL Aerobics Class!

posted by leeorg (SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FL) Feb 8, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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This Wii game may not make use of the controller or the Wii Fitness mat, but don't underestimate its abilities to raise your hear rate, burn calories, and help you lose weight.

My Fitness Coach simulates an aerobics class environment in the comfort of your own home. Put on the sneakers, aerobics clothes, select the amount of time you want to work out (in 15 minute increments) and away you go!

The character is almost realistic, encouraging you to keep moving, guiding you through all the aerobic moves. In my case, she asks me how I'm feeling every so often and if the exercises were easy or hard to do. Using this information she gives me harder or easier exercises. At the end of the session, you're sweating, had a lot of fun, and feel better about yourself. There are also water breaks, stretches, and best of all you can tell when an exercise is going to begin, end, and what's coming up next. You can also incorporate hand weights, exercise ball, heart monitors, etc.

As for cons, some of the preliminary questions are very tedious and I would skip through most of them. The calendar doesn't help either. When keeping the exercises "easy" she does not bring much new exercises in. But it's still a pretty good variation.

Overall, this is a lot better than a work out DVD (does anyone buy those?). And it did get me moving! Don't have enough time? Select the 15 minute work out to do in the morning before showering and going to work.

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Very Good

Fitness coach

posted by Lovinlife4 (ANTIOCH, CA) Mar 19, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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Since i have been married i haven't worked out in 4 years!
I honestly love this game! I have been working out for the past couple weeks!
i feel great about myself and am seeing results!

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Major Downgrade from Xbox Version

posted by FryHole (Anchorage, AK) Aug 22, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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On its own, My Fitness Coach isn't a bad game. Maya has a decent personality, and she "remembers" interactions from past workouts so you really get the feeling of two-way communication. Unlike many fitness games, MFC allows you to take credit for other workouts you've done, and Maya actively promotes taking water and rest breaks during longer workouts. The game asks the player to choose and commit to a schedule, and unlockables are based on how well you follow through with that commitment.

Unfortunately for MFC, I saw this version /after/ I had played its Xbox predecessor, Yourself!Fitness, for several months. (MFC is more of a port than a sequel.) I realize that the Wii isn't a graphical powerhouse, but the graphics really took a dive between the Xbox version and the Wii version. Backgrounds and sprites, Maya included, are much more jagged (aliased) here than in the original, and the freely-movable camera in the Xbox game has been replaced with a camera that goes where the machine wants it to, which is almost always an awkwardly long shot that prevents us from clearly seeing Maya's expressions or foot and hand placements. One of the best features about the Xbox game was Maya's realism and "humanity", but that's been almost completely stripped away.

If you have access to an Xbox or 360, I highly recommend Yourself!Fitness. The Wii port, however, has too many shortcomings to be a serious competitor, either against EA Sports Active or against its previous self.

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