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Personal trainer at home

posted by braisler (GEORGETOWN, KY) Dec 26, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

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My wife received this game from her wish list and she loves it. You start the game by entering in your height, weight, body measurements and performance on some athletic challenges. Then it assesses your physical fitness and areas you need work. You can set weight goals and you can use a calendar to set workout goals for every day of the week.

You start with a set number of environments and music to choose from but you can unlock new ones the more you play.

You can tailor what kind of workout you want, lower body, upper body, core, cardio, yoga, and how long you want to work out for, 15min-60min+. This is a great feature because it takes you through an entire workout, warm-up to cool down. It also allows you to input what kind of exercise equipment you have available, fitness ball, heart rate monitor, step, etc., and will incorporate the items you have into your workouts. She's already lost 10 pounds working out everyday.

The only complaint she has, so far, is that when the trainer asks how you're doing during the workout, the reply options boxes are very narrow and it's easy to say "No sweat," when you really mean, "I was working hard!" The workout will get harder, easier or remain the same given how you answer those questions. Fortunately, you can modify the intensity of workout on the fly by clicking the "-" or "+" on the Wii remote.

It really is like having a personal trainer at home. It's great if you don't have time or money to join a big gym or don't like working out with strangers.

In comparison to Wii Fit, my wife prefers the Fitness Coach. She still uses Fit to track her weight and BMI daily but the structure of the workouts in Fitness Coach are much more useful for her.

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Very Good

A Low-Cost Alternative to a Personal Trainer! :)

posted by Manna1 (NAPLES, FL) Dec 31, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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I've completed a few workouts on this program and they certainly work up a sweat!

While it's true that you could completely lie to Maya (your personal trainer) and say you're working hard when you're totally sitting on the couch eating potato chips, what would be the point in that? I bought this game to get a workout, so I only put it in when I want to do just that!

When you start your first workout, you input your vital statistics (height, weight, etc.) and complete a fitness test. The jumping jacks were the hardest...especially on my tile floor! After you've completed the fitness test, you set up a schedule to workout - your commitment to yourself.

I like the way the workout can be tailored a bit to your level & the exercise items you have available. It would be nice if you could have a little more input into the individual aspects of the workout, like eliminating exercises that you are unable to do because of physical restrictions.

I use this game in combination with my WiiFit to get the best workout experience possible. I do a little of each every day. They compliment each other nicely, as they each have something unique to offer that the other doesn't. Where the WiiFit will check your weight and ability to do the exercises correctly, this game offers a continuous workout for a specified amount of time.

This game is definitely worth the rental...perhaps even a purchase! I have no regrets about the money I plunked down on this one! If I could afford a human personal trainer, I would so go for it! But, since I can't, this is a GREAT alternative!

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Great workout!

posted by Leahzc (LAUREL, MD) Dec 7, 2008

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Member since Sep 2008

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It's hard to compare this game to Wii Fit; they're different. The Wii Fit has the interactive aspect that tells you when you're shaky or when your form is incorret... this game doesn't... however, My Fitness Coach focuses on consistent, non-stop exercise. The variety of exercises is pretty good. However, I don't jump/hop around because of bad knees, so jumping jacks (like in the initial evaluation) are a no-no. I just walked in place instead.

All things said, an excellent game!

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