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Murdered: Soul Suspect


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Above Average

Interestingly Bland

posted by Salitin (DICKINSON, ND) Oct 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2010

Murdered Soul Suspect is a mixed bag. One moment your curious whats going on, the next your tired of it being bland.

Mystery Game. If your a fan of the genre then give it a go, its not the best by any means but it does an okay job at giving you a good mystery thrill.

New Ideas. The fact that you play a ghost the entire game but still are a detective trying to solve not only your murder but the murder of others is rather interesting. The try to push the new idea and it does come through off and on.

Crashes. Now I beat the game in one sitting and I had no problems until the last hour of the game. Each time I failed a section and it had to reload, it just crashed during the load, this was also with the most recent update of the game.

Combat. The game tries hard to give you something else to do then just walk around constantly, this comes in the form of Demons and the game then turns into a cheap stealth game. If one finds you, you have to hide and bounce between these ghost portals to stay hidden. This is a con for me because of how often I would go to execute one and it would hear me, even when the prompt came up to stop it.

The End. The last bit of the game felt off, I can't say much without spoiling it but I never really felt like any of the investigations really had any weight at the end of the game. I felt robbed.

In closing the game is worth a go if you need a quick Mystery fix. The genre has far better mystery games that deserve your attention first however. Sherlock Holmes, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain or even if you still have a ps2 or xbox Indigo Prophecy. It won't blow you away but it also might waste a game Q slot. 4-6 hours if you have time to waste. Enjoy!

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Worth a rent - not a buy!

posted by bradleysux (DAVENPORT, FL) Oct 12, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

Gameplay wise, it's a bunch of walking, talking, and interacting with/observing your surroundings with occasional stealth elements. The story takes the spotlight here. However, it isn't that great. It's rather slow and some parts are predictable. (The ending has a very nice twist to it though!)

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lots of bugs, boring game play and story.

posted by plague35 (GLASSBORO, NJ) Oct 6, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

If you like boring games that rarely work than this game is for you.

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