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posted by Bubbles_QF (BEAVERTON, OR) Jun 23, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

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This game crashed after like the third mission. And then I couldn't load my saved file because it was corrupt or not found.

I wasn't that far so I restarted it and I couldn't skip some of the cut scenes so it was boring since I'd just seen those same scenes.

I played for a few hours and thought it was okay. I wasn't bored but wasn't super excited about the game play. There is no way to save the game so I waited until the auto save popped up and went away and then I quit to the games main menu before shutting off my ps4. Next time I went to play it can't load my game. It doesn't say there are any issues it just shows the loading screen but never actually loads.

Very disappointed but I'm too far into it to start over again and do it all over for a third time. Especially since I'd be worried it would glitch again.

The town is also very very small which wasn't impressive. Also a mini map would have been nice.

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A very unpolished supernatural story

posted by ColeCreek (KREAMER, PA) Jun 28, 2014

Member since Feb 2010

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I was very disappointed with Murdered:Soul Suspect. On paper this game seems like a terrific idea... A detective investigating a serial killer in spooky Salem, MASS ends up getting offed by the killer he was trying to find. The detective isn't your run-of-the-mill gumshoe; Ronan has a troubled past being that he was a thief and troublemaker that managed to turn his life around. So Ronan after getting killed doesn't really die, persists as a ghost, and continues his pursuit of the Bell Killer. Trouble is this nifty idea for a game was poorly translated into actual gameplay that is enjoyable. Detective work basically consists of finding a group of objects within a certain area, clicking on them, and putting the clues together to whatever lead Ronan is working on. If you pick the wrong clues, you just guess again until pick the correct ones to solve the puzzle. The other aspect of gameplay consists of "demons" that sometimes spawn that have to be stealth killed from behind. And..that's about all there is to Murdered: Soul Suspect. This amount of content would be good for a game 10 or 15 years ago but these days it just doesn't cut it. A bigger problem I had with the game was the numerous bugs / glitches that make it seem very unpolished. Things like clues not spawning where they are supposed to that makes you restart checkpoints, numerous NPCs with the same character model / voice / dialogue spawning next to each other, and also my mission objective on the pause screen was perma stuck at one of the early missions in the game and never fixed. The game has higher frame rate than many 30 fps games but it's unevenness leads to the worst screen tearing and stuttering when you turn the camera I've seen on the PS4.I managed to finish the game in under 8 hours and all in all I would only suggest this as a rental if you have played all the other PS4 games released thus far.

SuperMcMutant (PSN)
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Not Fun

posted by BroncoNate (REDFORD, MI) Jun 26, 2014

Member since Jun 2013

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This gmae like wow it has a ok story line but other then that i cant stand it played it for about a hour and a half and was still waiting for the fun to happen this game to me is not worth $0.01 dont rent unless you like games like CSI thats about all you can do

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