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Muramasa: The Demon Blade


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posted by videogamer311 (NEWPORT, OR) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

if u liked odin sphere u will defenitly like this game as well

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7 out of 10

posted by Exgallion (PAYSON, UT) Sep 8, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

Muramasa:the Demon Blade is definetly a good game, unfortunatley it could have been much better.

A Negative. Once you beat all 6 endings there is nothing left for you to do other then travel through Japan slaying Yokai (Monsters), the occasional Ninja or Samurai, and take on bosses you've already beaten. Which is fun, but it can get tiring.

A Positive. The story, both Keisuke's and Momohime's, were amazing, deep and moving yet still not too mushy, and you could understand it through out the game. Sometimes a story can be so confusing you don't really understand it until it's too late to enjoy it. But this one was'nt.

A Negative. No scene replay. You can't go back and revisit your favorite scenes whenever you want. You either have to save before and never progress, or start all over. Which would be no problem if your favorite scene was the begining.

A Positive. The graphics are beutiful, perfect for this type and style of game.

A Neutral. The mini dungeons that you unlock through out the story are nice and fun, but only the hardest ones really get you anything good or decent.

Overall, it's a good game. Definitly one you should at least rent, but only buy it if you really love it. Myself, I am hoping for a sequel.

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At the very least, you ought to rent it. 44/50: B+

posted by iplay2day (Saint Paul, MN) Mar 6, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Stregth(s): Excellent art and fights (both bosses and regular adversaries).

Weakness(es): the repetitive cooking/eating sequences, and repetitive gameplay (unless you really enjoy the game).

Acquired taste(s): Need to like Japanese-style games (art, music, voices, story, morals, etc.), 2D sidescrollers, and hack in slash games to really enjoy this title.

Replayability: Additional story content, new swords to use, hardest difficulty, hidden secrets for exploration.

Mature Content: Swearing in a foreign language, violence, a few suggest scenes (steaming pool sequences), nothing any teenager can't handle. In other words, the ESRB got the rating right.

Other Note(s):

There are very few Wii games out their for the traditional gamer (post Wii-Sports fans), so if you consider yourself one, this may be a game for you; unless you're a FPS (1st person shooter) fan. In other words, no swinging of the nunchuck or wiimote is required, and you can even use your old gamecube remote to play; or your neighbor's.

Also, when I mention the Japanese-style game taste is needed, I do not label it as a bad thing; the acquired taste of Japanese-Style games just isn't in everyone-yet; BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... just kidding.

But seriously, if you don't like Ninja Gaiden, the orginal Super Mario (for whatever reason), or any other sidescrolling/hack-n'-slash adventure game I haven't mentioned, you may find this game to get old after the first two or three bosses for either story.

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