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Above Average

Great to Look At

posted by Screath (OCALA, FL) Sep 8, 2009

Member since May 2004

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Don't be fooled by the graphics. This game has a very shallow combat system. God of War this is not. You'll be doing a lot of button mashing to kill repetitive enemies. Normally, a great storyline could save a game like this. However, this game's plot is not understandable by anyone who doesn't know a great deal about Buddhism. I myself was lost within minutes. The game itself is not bad, just repetitive for the most part. The boss battles and portrait-like vistas are the only saving grace. Rent/buy it only if you're a hardcore beat-em-up game fan.

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Backtracking Mash

posted by CrdvJavier (TULSA, OK) Aug 18, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The appealing factor to Muramasa is the game's art. The game itself is a 2D side scrolling action game. Muramasa is set in the workings of old Japanese mythology. You have an option of choosing two playable characters, a boy or girl. The boy's tale is the cliche of someone who has amnesia and is set to rescue his girlfriend. The girl's tale tells of a spirit that is using her body to regain his own that was taken from him. Although having different stories, the two are set in the same land. Both deal with a demon that has forged the Muramasa swords and your attempt to recover them for their aid. To further distinguish the two, their paths go in different directions accompanied with exclusive enemies and bosses.

The game has one of the most visually pleasing styles around. It presents overlapping layers of the environment that go seamlessly together. Everything is a wonder to look at, but as you go on throughout the game, you feel like you just hit rewind.

They decided to keep the original Japanese voices which do hold their part. The music is good and fast but none of it will leave you with it stuck in your head.

You can forge swords anytime outside battle at the cost of spirit and souls. However, the swords you get from bosses are always completely superior, making it useless. You have two attack buttons. Normal and special. The game is a hack and slash and it gets old fast. It also suffers from lag that occurs when too much is going on. There's no change in the formula even in boss battles, its always dodge and attack. You can cook and use quick items but nothing is deeply developed and is just for health.

The game lacks polish and leaves your backtracking to get to your next destination. You are left to do the same thing again for every chapter. There are no twists or turns and one campaign is enough to realize that you've already done everything. This game is for those of you who love the art and need to button mash. You won't get too deep into this tale.

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posted by iamgrumpy (ELKRIDGE, MD) Feb 17, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This game is the worst thing I have ever played. once you have played through the tutorial just stop playing. The rest of the game is just like the tutorial except for the boss fights would just make your hand cramp up because the controls positively suck for this game.

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