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was kinda fun

posted by durango95 (DECATUR, AL) Aug 21, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

like tittle said..

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What's up with this game

posted by defected (GREENVILLE, NC) Aug 3, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

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What's up with this game ! The online is trash ... Who the 'bleep' said "Yeah lets give perks" That way new comers will lose every race even if they never crash . I was placing last 1:00 minute from first ! Getting knocked into walls by bikes ! being passed even though I was racing fast without crashing ! Matchmaking lol ! Am I missing something here .... What a waste of money . Guess I will go back to GT5 and Dirt3 .

PS I don't mind losing but this game feels wrong . Single player took 2 hours ........... Online is rubbish ...... Sure I could play more to get these fast perks but no thanks the race tracks alone give me a headace .

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Motorstorm: Insensitivity towards Japan-ypse

posted by Huzoozoo (GRANADA HILLS, CA) May 4, 2011

Member since May 2007

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A motor-cross racing thing occurring during burning man in San Fransisco during an earthquake! Just a quick note, it's completely distasteful to release a game capitalizing on the devastating earthquake that struck Japan only a few weeks ago.

So the single-player, from what i gather is the main appeal of racing fans, is where the entire budget for the game went. You play as the black kid from the show "Static Shock". Apparently this is what the studio that animated it is doing now, really amazing cut-scenes with no point in between politically incorrect racing situations. I seriously expected a cartoon Shaq to pop in the middle of a race and miss some free-throws.

The racing besides the setting, in general is extremely offensive. Racers who don't drive recklessly and at dangerous speeds (during tremors when roads are already unsafe) often don't win. In fact only the first three racers win anything. When I coached kids at the YMCA everybody won. Participation was it's own reward as I taught my kids unity. I have a feeling this negative reinforcement is going to drive off players.

Some notes for improvements for this game follow:
-brings roads up to CALTRANS code just as they should be
-all cars should have 30 MPG in place of nitro boosters
-Shaq actually did not appear in my game, this may be a glitch, if not add him into the game preferably as the protagonist
-I didn't feel an over arching plot in this racing game, in Static Shock "Static shock" usually learned a lesson about diversity or basketball like all intercity youths
-the soundtrack was unfit for a Sunday drive, replace all songs with smooth jazz and/or big band music
-I haven't the foggiest where a bunch of hippies got an aircraft carrier to transport all the vehicles to San Fran, perhaps you should re-check the script it would probably read "1960 VW Bus", it's an easy mistake to make
-You should probably cut your losses and redo the whole game as Shaq fu 2: Drive Angry 3d

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