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Moto GP '06

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Excellent for a Sim Player

posted by TheIceman (HANOVER, PA) Jun 16, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

19 out of 21 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Well I got lucky on this rent. I got it the day Gamefly put it out for us. Well I am some what disappointed. Why? Well the gfx are awesome. The game play is awesome. So you ask what's the problem? Well this game is just hard as heck. I just can not get the hang of it. This game is up to par with the best sim racers on the PC. One cool option they put in XBlive mode is spectator mode. When you see the guys that win the races, they are just amazing. Then you look at the guys in the back like me. What a joke.

So bottom line is this. If you want an arcade moto racer, this aint for you. If you want some achievement points easy. Don't think about this game. But if you want a serious challenge with awesome gfx, great sound, and achievements you gotta work for. Then this game is for you.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Difficult, Beautiful, Solid

posted by mculberson (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jun 18, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

34 out of 40 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

If you're looking for a easy racing game, this isn't it. This game will actually take some time to master. But if you like the genre of racing, you will love the challenge.

Graphics: 9.0 Very pretty game. This is the first game where I actually enjoy watching the replays because it looks so good.

Presentation: 6.0 This is where this game fails. Outside of the tracks, there's really not much to get to excited to move on or check things out. It's pretty straightforward and dry.

Gameplay: 9.0 Difficult but fun. I play on Pro mode and it's tough but attainable to compete. It's actually very forgiving if you crash because it's actually possible to catch up to the pack. I'm sure on harder levels it gets tough, but it's doable on Pro

Overall: 8.0 Load times are annoying, music must be turned off or use your own custom tracks. I like to just listen to the bikes. This is a good rental for those who want to check out a good-looking next-gen racer, and those that have the patience and the interest to work at getting better could buy this one because there's a lot to master.

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Above Average

Difficulty overrides Fun

posted by Sethman (SANDY, UT) Aug 24, 2006

Member since May 2006

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I almost gave up playing this game after 10 minutes but decided to stick it out. It takes a long time to get used to the controls, but the game starts getting more fun after that. However, I just don't think that the gameplay was fun enough to keep me going, and I felt like I invested enough time to learn the controls that I should have been rewarded with better gameplay. Overall, not a bad game, but could have been better.

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