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Almost A Flawless Victory

posted by Justin_Bieber (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 22, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Pros: Story mode alone would have given the game a solid score of 8. I grew up playing the Mortal Kombat series. I had seen both live action movies and I even bought the cartoon on VHS. That said, story mode ties up the Mortal Kombat beautifully and much better than any of the movies I've seen. Everything I knew about MK connected and painted broader picture.

I also loved that the game contained levels from MK 1-3. It was pretty nostalgic to revisit the Shaolin Temple from the original game.

Gameplay wise, I'd compare it to MK2. You're not going to drop some sick 20 hit combos like MK3.

Cons: There aren't many. Graphics are somewhat sub-par for a fighting game. Matching could be improved on online mode. I wish Dan Forden would pop out on the screen and say his trademark "toasty" from MK2.

Wrap Up: If you loved the first two MK games, this game is a must get. I didn't give it a 10 because it did not completely blow me away.

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Kombat is Back!

posted by MrFeaRZ (New York, NY) Apr 22, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

I've been a Mortal Kombat fan from MK1 in the arcades all the way through MK vs DC and i must say that this is the greatest Mortal Kombat game ever made.

STORY MODE (best ever for a fighting game. Could take 4-8 hours to complete)
Return to 2D gameplay.
XRay moves are insanely brutal.
Beautiful graphics (or disgusting graphics, depends on your tolerance).
Great roster of fighters (everyone you'd ever want, really).
Crazy amount of unlockables (costumes, art, fatalities).

The Krypt is unnecessarily hard to navigate.
Online is laggy sometimes. Depends on your connection.

Overall, THEY GOT HIS ONE RIGHT. Anyone who was upset with the lack of gore in MK vs DC will be VERY happy. The fighters seem balanced, the story mode is revolutionary and the tone of the whole game is perfect. Whether you've been playing MK since the 90's or you've never played at all, BUY THIS GAME.

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Mortal Kombat is back!!!!

posted by CDavis84 (COMMERCE, TX) Apr 21, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

First and foremost, to all the other reviewers, please learn what the spell check function means. Now, this game gave me a feeling of nostalgia that I havent felt since the first time I played Mortal Kombat way back in elementary school. The fatalities are brutal, the combos are awesome, and easier to learn than some other fighting games, the graphics are great looking, and there is enough hidden and bonus content to keep a fan happy for quite some time. I dont keep many games, I beat em and send em back, but Im about to click keep on this one. This game is what I have been hoping for out of a Mortal Kombat game since MK 3. MK 1 & 2 are timeless, and this is the Mortal Kombat game to usher in a new generation and rightfully reclaim the throne of best fighter game.

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