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Best MK yet

posted by supman (JACKSON, NJ) May 1, 2011

Member since May 2011

I thought fighting games like mortal kombat, street fighter, and tekken had lost their edge, but this game proved me wrong. This game is by far the best Fighting game i have ever played. It has everything it needs and there is nothing i would change about it. The fatalities are my gruesome then ever before which adds to how good this game really is. Mortal Kombat has truly come back with a vengeance.

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Impressed, AMAZED, and FATALITY!

posted by Anaximander (YUKON, OK) Apr 28, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

First of all let me start off in saying i hate fighting games and believe that in 9/10 cases they are easy and very simple.
Mortal Kombat was not.
Mortal Kombat went back to its roots, which for someone like me that really means nothing other than creating your own fighter was no longer an option for a story, but even without that feature this MK still is much better.
Story- The story in MK's have always been really hard to follow, in this one i found the story to be quite followable and extremely entertaining, and actually caring about the characters. (only unfortunate thing was no Fatalities in story mode.)
Graphics- The graphics are very good, especially the backdrops that just make your jaw drop. For a fighting game it goes well beyond the traditional graphics.
Gameplay-This is where fighting games should shine, and for MK it did it so well i almost skipped my college classes for it. First of all the combos are easy to understand, unlike some past games, and make it challenging to throw these kombos together for a better attack. The game also makes you have strategy, you can not go in with just punches and kicks and expect to win, you actually have to fight intelligently because your opponent does too. I loved the 1v2 fights, thought they truly tested your metal, and the boss fights however annoying, were very good to learn what kombos did what and what if felt like to be a complete noob sometimes.

Overall-Very good and complete game, the graphics,story, and gameplay are top notch. I hate fighting games but i believe that MK may have pulled me out of that niche, after being disapointed with portal 2 this has truly satisfied me. This is most definitly a rent if not a buy, trust me you will love it.

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It feels like October 8, 1992 again

posted by rockcity1988 (KIRKLAND, WA) Apr 28, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This game re-captures the greatness of Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 and the story mode just adds to the overall experience. Because PSN has been down for a week I haven't been able to play online but I can only imagine that it's just as good or even better than playing the computer. I'm going to warn you that Shao Kahn is ridiculously cheap. The best way to fight him is at a distance. If you try to get up close he'll hit you with so many unblockable attacks you'll want to throw your controller at the TV. I'd give it a 9.9/10 because Shao Kahn is vastly overpowered and cheap. Plan on buying this over Marvel vs. Capcom 3 even though I haven't played the latter yet. Enjoy this one. Hopefully they can top it with the next installment.

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