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yeah babi

posted by Yellowtearz (KEARNY, NJ) May 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

exellect game... get at me psn yellow-_-tearz

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Kombatants take your places!

posted by niteowl (NEWBERRY SPRINGS, CA) May 9, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

Kombat is back. NetheRealm has revived the series and has produced the most komplete Kombat to date. I will review each part of the game.
Gameplay - The gameplay in this Kombat is mindblowing. Its moves fluidly and creates an experiene that is both competitive and fun. It also provides over 20 Klassic characters each with their own animations, X-ray moves, and Fatalities. No two characters share any of the same animations. Also those worried about Kratos being an overpowered abomination, do not worry. While he does have the most powerful moves, he is very slow and it takes a lot of skill to play as him.

Visuals - This Kombat runs on the Unreal Engine and it works perfectly. The backgrounds move with life, characters look spectacular, and the gore is always welcome. Probably the most amazing aspect of the visuals is that every characters insides are different, along with different varieties of blood. Noob bleeds black, Sonya bleeds red, Cyrax has gears in him while Kratos has guts.

Story - Believe it of not, this game has the best story to ever touch a fighting game. The game starts with Raiden and Shao Kahn fighting at the end of Armagedon. Raiden sends a message to his younger self to warn him not to let Shao Kahn win. Raiden then tries to do what is right, but is sometimes wrong leading to other disasters. The story plays through the first three game and is amazing. This is truly a story worth playing.

Kontent - NetherRealm has brought the Krypt back and with it comes over 300 unlockables. These range from concept art to alternative outfits to alternate fatalities. The game also has many game modes including tag team and a 300 challenge Challenge Tower.

Overall - Overall this is an amazing game worth a buy. It includes so much Kontent, amazing tutorials, great story, and phenominal multiplayer. If you dont want to spend $60, then just Keep It from Gamefly for $44. Enjoy.

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Cool Game

posted by rlcrenshaw (YORK, PA) May 8, 2011

Member since May 2011

im not a person that kept up with this game over the years so i can't realy say yeh nor ney.

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