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Very Good

Nice fighter in spirit of original

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) May 8, 2011

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Longtime fans of the MK series will really enjoy this. Newcomers will have plenty to like about it, but the story and appearances by characters from the early games will be lost on them in some places.

The story mode is the best part, I believe. The game gives you a fighter to play for two or three matches each and the story keeps progressing between each match. Then you move on to another fighter. The story does a good job of mimicking events of the eariler games in a fresh way. Some things that were only mentioned in earlier games actually play out for you on screen this time.

Using the Unreal engine has always been a sure-fire win for me in any game, but for the first time I have a few doubts here. As usually, it does do some wonderful things for the environments, weapons, and armor. Unfortunately, the faces and bodies of the fighters (except the ones completely covered in cybernetics or armor) look really freakish. I don't know if it's a limitation in the engine or a limitation in the designers talents, but no man's torso should look like it's made of blocks of cookie dough.

There are many great moves and the 2-D combat in a 3-D world works great. I have never been very good at remembering complex moves in fighting games (back,back,forward,up,A,B!), but I've been able to figure out some cool ones without doing too much research or training before fighting. Controls are pretty easy to master, and in a game like this, that makes a huge difference for the casual fighting fan. With tons of characters from every previous MK game, the replayability will come from trying out different characters and moves. Some are lighting fast but don't do as much damage. A character like Jax, however, is sluggish and frustrating until you realize you just opened a can of whoop-azz with just a few moves.

This games is a must rent, and then for many people, especially if they don't already own a really good fighting game, it may very well need to be a purchase.

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Most wonderful fighting game EVER!

posted by jgherrin33 (JOHNSTON, SC) Jun 21, 2012

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This game amazed me so much! I used to never even know what mortal kombat was about. I even thought Jackie Chan was in this game. But, as I saw my cousin play, I got interested. From Scorpion vs. Kitana to Quan Chi vs. Jade, just blew my mind! My sister never plays video games, but this game had attracted her. This game is the best fighting game ever! I don't care what anybody says. The games graphics are superior. The only problem is the controls. The combos are hard to remember, the movement is too sensitive, and sometimes too slow. But other than that, this game beats all. I wouldn't mind playing this game for years. Or, until I think it is repetitive. But it always feels good to beat my sister every once in awhile and pulling off a fatality or babality. So I recommend this game fully!

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Ahh, the return of a Klassic.

posted by wtfbooom (LYNNWOOD, WA) Apr 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

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For those who have been playing MK since the first, this game is definately a rent, if not a buy.

Mortal Kombat is back, with all of it's brutal fatalities, amazing gameplay, and klassic k-spelling kraziness.

May I begin by mentioning that we have FINALLY returned to the format that MK was intended for, leaving the god-forsaken realm of 3D fighting games.

The game features twenty-seven characters, if you have a favorite kombatant from past MK games, chances are, they'll be here.

That said, just because this game is returning to it's roots doesn't mean that there's nothing new to be found here.

Several new gameplay elements have been added, such as the "super meter" allowing you to perform enhanced special moves, kombo breakers, and the new, brutal "X-ray moves."

The story mode of this game is one of the best you'll find in any fighting game, spanning a re-told version of the events of the first three Mk games cut up into several chapters, each featuring a different character. The bosses are pretty hard, but that's not a new addition to MK.

As well, the krypt has returned, with more kontent than you can handle, and, maybe, a few secrets?

All in all, a well-exectued reboot of a fantastic franchise.

Let the Kombat Kontinue.

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