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MDK & DC Masters of Steel & Kryptonite

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Dec 1, 2008

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I received this game today & I've been playing it for hours now. The collaboration of MDK & DC Universe, works so smoothly, & effectively. I'm happy to say, even tho that there's not a huge range of characters, its the combat system/special moves that really shine here. It's true, it is a button masher, but also it's so addictive fun wise! I'm very pleased to see Midway coming out & developed such a piece of 2 complete opposites, and make it work so wonderfully! From the off-the-wall and into the air smash attacks that each superhero can do, Flash's Test Your Strength in Story Mode. Now that is something to see! Mash your buttons constantly to achieve an insane amount of hit points.

The graphics are jaw dropping and I'm extremely impressed with the visuals themselves. The primary setback is 2 minor flaws. For 1.the amount of the same combat moves being used for the DC Universe characters. It does get quite tiresome, but like I said before, it's addictive. Your constantly training your fingers & thumbs for hand/eye coordination too. It's a challenge, but the pay off is quite large.

The other minor flaw would be 2. The voice acting wasn't all that impressive. I heard Superman's voice-over & it just didn't fit his character. Along with voice of Flash, Green Lantern & even Batman. I think Darkseid's voice actor was done well & Lex Luthor as well. Those 2 minor flaws, I take off half point each, bringing the review to a well deserved 9 out of 10.

I will suggest this game for all Mortal Kombat fans, fighting gamers & even the casual gamer. It's a must rent & if you enjoy it enough, I suggest getting yourself a copy. Thank you for reading my review. Enjoy Gamers!

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Nothing Really New To The Genre: Still Great!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Nov 17, 2008

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The characters move fluidly, the enviroments are beutifully textured and interactive. The combos are great and its a great freshness to the franchise. If you are tired of playing DOA 4 or Virtua Fighter 5 then this is worth buying!

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Great concept, but the execution is flawed

posted by Kunimitsu (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 14, 2009

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The graphics are excellent (character models, lighting etc.) Decent voice acting, but this title seems to be all style and little substance. If you take out the DC and Mortal Kombat characters you are left with a mediocre generic fighter. It's still the same engine they've been using since MK: Deadly Alliance. The same button mashing dial-a-combo system. I wish the animations were more fluid and the Martial Arts "styles" were authentic, like Tekken and Soul Calibur. (Did they do any research when they did the motion-capture?) The character move around like stiff plastic mannequins flailing their arms and legs around. Some characters seem imbalanced and others have really cheap moves, as if they developers gave their favorite characters better powers and made others intentionally weak. (I know Scorpion is a personal favorite of Ed Boon's, Scorpion always has souped-up powers in every MK game) which I think is unfair. What happened to the music?!? Why didn't they use Dan "Toasty" Forden to compose the music because this one had the worse background music I ever heard in an MK game. Why is there no theater mode that lets you view the cutscenes? Especially since this is the first MK game that has FMVs inbetween fights and not screens and screens of text. On the positive side, it is so awesome to see all my favorite characters together in the same game I'm pleasantly surprised that they were able to get the licensing/permissions to use all these characters. I look forward to a MK vs. DC 2, but they need to totally revise and update the fighting engine. Add more gameplay modes; I miss the tutorials from Deadly Alliance and Deception where the characters guide you through each step and the unlockabes in the "Krypt". Here's the breakdown:

DC and Mortal Kombat characters
good graphics
good voice acting

stiff-moving generic fighting
button mashing
weak story
not enough modes of play
terrible background music
no Dan Forden

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