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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe


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posted by gamecriti118406 (MIAMI, FL) Sep 21, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

it was great bros and sis where like so amazed by it there wanted to keep it longer. But i cant so i had to give it back. BUT when i kept playing when i was playing as a sercert CHARTER YOU CAN PLAY AS ITS GUESS DARKSIDE. werid but batman was like a cheat my bro kept doing the samething that he defeated me by doing the same move that one move never gave me a chance to do my moves and its so hard to jump in the GAME. ANY WAY ITS GREAT AND I RETURNED IT 2 DAYS AGO . ANY WAY LOVE THE GAME (FOR PS3)

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posted by DarknessAJB (METAIRIE, LA) Sep 12, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Not that this game is bad but it is a 3D fighter and the combos suck I really like the newer mortal kombat better mk9 best one so far. This one though sucked bad!

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Above Average

Great gameplay, shallow package

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Sep 8, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

I was a big fan of Mortal Kombat during the "Deadly Alliance" days. As it so happens, I am also a DC Comics fan, so I was over the moon. How could this let me down?

Well, the good news is that it generally doesn't. This is the most refined of the Deadly Alliance games. There are no multiple fighting stances per character anymore, which sounds like a con, but it lets them focus on making sure each character feels right. They're refining things here, which means taking somethings out and adding in new ideas. There's still 3D movement, directional throws, multi-tiered arenas and loads of combos and super moves. They have refined the superbar too here - MK9 uses the system they established here. Two new features they introduce are the Rage mode and "Klose Kombat", which both blow. Rage just tends to unbalance a good fight, whereas KK is just clunky and random. But the core combat is probably the best MK has ever been. This series has generally been clunky, where animations don't flow into each other unless part of a pre-defined, canned combo animation. But MK vs. DC is the most "free-flowing" of them all. It's still far from Dead or Alive, but it's fine.

There's a great lineup of characters here. The DC characters look perfect, using moves and abilities you'd expect them to. While they also make sense as fighting game characters. Wonder Woman, for example, is a good "tricky" character, using her lasso to control opponent's movement. And the Mortal Kombat characters are fine here. Less gore, obviously, but that never defined whether or not MK played well.

The big letdown here is the lack of modes. Any fighting game should be loaded with single player content. And the MK team loaded Deception, Armageddon and MK9 with tons of modes. MK vs. DC lacks all of that - there's a story mode that's strong, an arcade mode, practice, a combo challenge and online/multiplayer. THAT'S IT.

That makes this a great rental though. Wait for Injustice for a fully featured packa

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