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Who'da thought?

posted by Action (RONCEVERTE, WV) Nov 18, 2008

Member since May 2006

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I was a huge skeptic of this game at first, MK VS DC, it was like combining toothpaste with orange juice...."Ugh"!
But Midway pulled it off. I spent probably 3 hours with the game last night (alas no online yet) and was very pleased.
First off the PS3's controller rocked the house as far as response with the D-pad.
Second; The game itself is FUN, not only do you have the standard arcade "Tower of Power" to climb, this MK throws in a neat story mode with beautiful cut scenes and a unique way to play all the characters.
While playing the game, I never even noticed the fact it was "T" rated, blood still flies, body's and costumes get damaged (you can actually knock off Scorpion's mask), and the fighting is just plain brutal.
There's 3 new gimmicks within the matches Close Kombat, Free Fall Kombat, and Test Your Might, which add some flair to the matches.
Free Fall is cool as heck.
Fatalities are here, and even toned down, they look great. I reduced Wonder Woman to skeletal remains with a "Lava Bath" the burned Captain Marvel to a crisp with "Hellfire" both courtesy of Scorpion.
Even blade happy Barraka has cool Fatalities, my favorite is the "Impale", where he knocks an opponent on his back, jumps on top of him, punches him in the chest, then fires his blades into the victim.
Looks awesome, not gory, but looks awesome.
There is going to be a learning curve to take advantage of the combos, and the game can kick your butt even on easy.
All in all this looks and feels like an MK game without a doubt, and definite improvement over all the MK games since MKIII.
I would like to see MK return to it's "M" rated roots, but I'll sacrifice a little gore over game play any day.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I was pleasantly surprised!

posted by ViperSRT10 (OAK RIDGE, NJ) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

21 out of 28 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The day I brought this game up to the counter for purchase the salesman began telling me to rethink my purchase because he thought it "Sucked." I was in a bad mood and wanted to beat up some computer models so I pretty much said "You're entitled to your opinion but I'd like to try it anyway." I'm glad I did.

What I like:
-I like the fighting mechanic of the game. It's relatively smooth and the moves are pretty true to character(For the most part)
-All my favorite MK and DC guys are in this game
-The story, while not exceedingly deep, is interesting and done well. I like how they divide the story into chapters where you play as different characters.
-It keeps in step with the mortal kombat feel minus the excessive violence.
-Free fall kombat is very fun.

Improvements that could have been made:
-A little more interactivity online. I'd like to tell my opponent "Good game" or something rather than being sterile. Then again this also prevents the immature crowd from saying "Noob."
-A tag team mode would have been nice like in tekken tag. I mean who wouldn't want to grab a buddy and raise hel-l in the MK universe as Superman and Batman?
-More basic kombat moves for each character would have been nice.

These are just things that come off the top of my head. If you like fighting games and are looking for a fun game with a decent story, I'd recommend giving this one a try. If you're looking for ripping out spines then I'd say check out MK:A or Deception.

Good Gaming,


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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by ezdamenace (OAKLAND, CA) Feb 15, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

i got to say the adaptation of two games it was absolutely great .to bad it need more characters to make it more unique , but if you like challenge you'll find this game very good with different ending for every character! i'll say is B. or
8 out 10.

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