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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlock Scorpion in story mode

Finish the game as Liu Kang.

Sub-Zero in single player mode and co-op mode

Finish the game as Kung Lao.

Fight against Ermac

In the Warriors arena during one of the Smoke missions, interact with the mysterious warrior on the left three times. You will then fight Ermac. You can do this at any time.

Fight against Kano

Just before you fight Shao Khan towards the end of the game, Kitana is in the right cell walking back and forth. Talk to her about four times until guards appear. Fight and defeat them, then go in the entrance that the guards came out of. You will find Jax and fight Kano.

Fight against Mileena

Go to the Living Forest area. You also need the Swing ability for this. At the first save point, there should be tree branches. Swing around this area somewhere until you get to a tree. Climb up it with the Wall Climb. After long bridges full with challenges, you will finally find Mileena and fight her.

Goro's Lair concept art dDemo version)

On the bridge near the end if you jump off the left side you will land on a platform which will unlock a new concept art. On the bridge, at the end will be a golden Dragon Koin. Use a projection attack to receive another new concept art. A notification will appear when you have hit it correctly.

Unlock Baraka

In the Soul Tomb Portal, go to the area where you must wall climb. You will find two paths, to the left and right. The right path has a statue. Use Fist Of Ruin to break it. Continue, and use the Long Jump ability to cross the gap.

Unlock Johnny Cage

Get to the area in the Wu-Shi Academy where everything is burning. Go to extreme right of the gate then jump onto the roof of the house. Run to the right and jump to reach a new platform with a boulder blocking your way.

Unlock Kitana

In the Mortal Kombat 2 arena level (just before the portal with the two statues in front of it) in the Evil Monastery, you will find a number of pillars. Jump on the half broken pillar then double jump on the roof.

Unlock Noob Saibot

To unlock Noob Saibot in versus mode, have a match against Sub-Zero vs. Sub-Zero. Player one will be Sub-Zero, and player two will be Sub-Zero's brother, Noob Saibot.

Unlock Reptile

Go to the section after the Brotherhood Of Shadow in Living Forest. Long Jump across the gap with the small waterfall, then go through the door. Get the clay statues to come to life then destroy their shield. Get one of them near the giant stone column on the other side of the stream, near where you entered. Throw the clay statue into it and it will fall. Return to where the little waterfall was located to find a Koin that unlocks Reptile.