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Mortal Kombat Deception


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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Raiden Stronger Sparky combo

Do the normal combo until it the X, Up, B portion. Instead of those buttons, press X, A. Do not wait to press A; press it immediately after X. This will make your opponent bounce in the air, allowing you to continue your combo. When your opponent is at the same level as Raiden's head, press X as many times as possible. This will give you a 12-hit combo and sometimes 40% damage. You can use this on Johnny Cage when you must do a 12-hit combo.

Fatality distances

Some fatalities must be done at a specific distance, as indicated as follows. Close: As close as possible to opponent Sweep: From close, tap Away(2). Outside Sweep: From sweep, tap Away once more Far: Full screen away


After you have been captured and become an old man, or anytime after you have finished Konquest mode, go to Orderrealm, H-1. There a long bridge, and when it forks, take the fork until you can go no further. Meditate until the chest appears. REMEMBER: Whenever Meditation is used, always give it a full day for the chest to appear.


In Orderrealm, there is a person who walks in the place near the most outer circle of the city. He is wearing motion capture clothes (used in movie and game production to create computerized characters). The costume has dots all over a blue background and covers everything except for his face. You cannot talk to him, but if you punch him he drops a key for a fighting style video.