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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


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Try it out for yourself!

posted by nv13003 (TOLEDO, OH) Jun 12, 2007

Member since May 2007

17 out of 20 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

When I saw the videos for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, I was very excited to play this game. I read the bad reviews here on Gamefly, but still decided to try it out for myself. I am very happy that I did! I have been able to execute the moves with a little bit of practice. I found that the moves are done best with a quick motion and release of the B button. I realized that if you hold onto the B button, that the move will usually not work correctly. However, I have messed up when trying to execute a move that uses the up/down motion by doing the half circle. It is hard for me to determine whether or not it is my fault or the video game. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the game (even though the AI is actually pretty tough at times!). I plan on keeping the game to continue to perfect it and the controls.

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Really Bad

Simply put.....disappointing!

posted by cpoore (ZIONSVILLE, IN) Jun 7, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

3 out of 10 gamers (30%) found this review helpful

I placed this game in my Q after watching some in-game footage which also presented how the Wiimote's controls had been implemented (looked promising)....sorry to say, the game does not respond to the Wiimote like depicted within the footage at all. Heck, even during the in-game training it would only respond to moves using the Wiimote about 1/5th of the time resulting in the character just standing there watching the grass grow or performing the entirely wrong move as was intended. To quickly sum it up....horrible implementation of the Wiimote's controls!

On a more positive note, I considered the graphics more than acceptable along with each characters unique abilities and also liked the wide selection of characters that the game provides. After getting fed up with the Wiimote controls I decided to give a GC controller a try which resulted in a much more enjoyable game play experience but will not give the game any credit for this considering it was developed primarily for use with the Wiimote.

I am really at a loss as to what is going through developers minds when they implement such a poor Wiimote control scheme. What game development companies need to understand with regards to the Wii is that you can put all you have into developing a truly amazing game but if the controls are not implemented well then nothing else that they've done to make a particular game so great matters. In my opinion, this game could have been a great game but the developers dropped the ball on the implementation of the Wii's control scheme and that's why I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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I dont get the reviewers...

posted by amirinayea (OAK PARK, CA) Jun 6, 2007

Member since May 2007

14 out of 18 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

It could easily be that you all did not master the training of the Wiimote or watch the videos. Or learn the moves! This makes special moves, and fatalities so much easier. This game is amazing.

For some reason my girlfriend cannot execute the moves on the wiimote, so she uses the classic controller.

For some reason I can execute them all the time! By simply holding "B" and moving your wiimote in the direction the move is placed, you execute a special move. Say Sub-Zero for instance: His freeze ball is USUALLY Down,Right,Punch. In the wiimote controls, you will hold B, then move your wiimote down, then curve to the right. It's easy. Sometimes it will mistake my wiimote moves and do another special move, but most of the time it works. I recommend having your sensor bar positioned above your TV with the setting "Above TV" in the Wii Settings menu.

You're not getting much different than the ps2 and xbox versions, but you can tell the differences. Chameleon now has Khameleon, the girl version. The wii version does not contain UMK3, as this will be a release on the Wii's virtual console.

I recommend this game to any MK fan.

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