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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

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This is how MK says goodbye?!

posted by Clipped (ONTARIO, CA) Nov 28, 2006

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First, what's with them telling us that EVERY MK character EVER would be in the game? Bull! Where's Un-masked Sub-Zero from MKIII? Let's not forget the un-masked Sub-Zero was the real Sub-Zeros brother (according to the MK storyline) also regular (non-zombie) Liu Kang is not present. Aside from that they screwed up so many of the classic characters: ERMAC, SMOKE, CYRAX & RAIN look lame! Not to mention GORO looks AWFUL! REPTILE looks actually a little better than he did in the last couple of MK's (they finally decided to re-mask him) so he doesn't look like a big dumb alligator wearing a ninja suit. But the worst of all is MONTORO, he is no longer a Centaurs (half-horse-half-demon). They took away his horse half! He still has hoofs, but he now walks on two feet like every other character (boring!) Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the whole appeal of MONTORO??! On the other hand (to be fair) some character look better than ever, Sheeva looks great. Scorpion and Sub-Zero always look cool (because these are the only two characters Ed Boon cares about). Now onto the FATALITIES: Oh my God! Horrible! It's like we're back in MK1! No unique fatalities! It doesn't matter who you choose they all do the same fatalities (YAWN). Just the same chained sequences over and over and over! Now onto MOTOR KOMBAT: without Xbox live this has got to be the dumbest mini game the developers of MK ever came up with. It's not challenging or very fun. Now onto KONQUEST: they even managed to screw this one up! It no longer plays like it did in the last two MK games that featured the konquest games. The last two were almost a sandbox style of gameplay (very fun). Now it plays like 'MK Shaolin Monks'. Not as fun at all. The only really cool part of this MK game is the 'CREATE A FIGHTER' feature. Very cool! (I made a character that looks EXACTLY like CHUN LI from Street Fighter. All-in-all (I hate to say it about one of my all time favorite fighting games) this game is a complete let down.

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Above Average

A lot of characters to play, but same game play

posted by luis1090 (SAN MATEO, CA) Dec 13, 2006

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Ok, lets get down to business, this games is good for fans of the mortal kombat series. If you are one, then this game is a must have. But for any other guy that is just looking for a fighting game, let me tell you, this is not one of the best one. With that being said, is you who decides to rent the games, buy it or just never play it.

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Umm Wow

posted by ETowner (EVANSTON, IL) Oct 15, 2006

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Now i no that you read a response and say the game is probley garbage. But no this is cold. It has all the charcters and i love mk so this was a shock IT IS ATHSOME. I promise you i gave you 9 whop cASS kung laos out of 10.

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