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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

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The Perfect Fighter.

posted by Gemini27 (HOUSTON, TX) Oct 20, 2006

Member since Feb 2004

Mortal Kombat Armageddon is the best fighting game on the market right now. The reason being is because of the allstar cast which has every Mortal Kombat game existing. There are approximately over 60 characters on the roster. You can create a fighter and fight off and online. Konquest mode is back again and is its own game. The game sort of relates to Shaolin Monks, you can run around and fight in real-time. There is also Motor Kombat. You can race with some of your favorite characters such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Jax. Overall Mortal Kombat deserves a perfect score. Any fan would agree with me.

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no old fatalities?!

posted by TreVyTreV (COLVILLE, WA) Oct 20, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

game is pretty sweet... LOADS of characters and levels to choose from... but mortal kombat is ALL about the fatalities, and I for one am NOT a fan of the new system... from what i can tell there are no old fatalities. instead you have a tricky system that takes away from the enjoyment of watching the fatalities, and since they are the same no matter what character you are its pretty lame. i want to see the classic reptile spit acid FATALITY!

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so far the best in the series

posted by Spenceman (ARLINGTON, VA) Oct 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

okay so i've played the originals and i've played the cheap rip-off side adventure games they've had like Shaolin Monks and that one Sub-Zero game for the N64 (anyone else remember that one?) well they were all descent in their own respects, each one brought something new to the table, be it a new character or new thing like Hara Kiri. Well this out does them all, sure there's no more set fatalities but who wants to do that when you can CHOOSE what you do for a fatality? the loss of the second martial arts style kinda slows down the combat, i think, and definitely gets rid of that feeling of not knowing what moves your opponents have in store. But the air combat makes it definitely worth not having. my advice have at least one combo that ends with a pop-up move, that way your opponent will be defenseless and worthy of getting a good ol' fashioned can of whoop-(won't allow me to place the word here) opened on 'em.

Reasons to get this game right away:
+ fast gameplay (even without second martial arts style)
+ very good graphics, still need touches on the blood though
+ create-a-fatality
+ Konquest mode is definitely improved ALA Shaolin Monks style game-play

Reasons not to get it right away:
- If you don't get all the relics during Konquest mode you must play it again to get them...somewhat of a pain

Some puzzling facts:
? Why can't you make your created characters have a Naginata or staff of some sort?
? Why did they weaken Sub-Zero!?!

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