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Above Average

Like a ton of pasta but only a drop of sauce...

posted by Greydawg (GREENVILLE, SC) Oct 18, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

I really wanted to like this game--the 60+ characters and instant-kill stages are great, even the karting mini-game was more fun than I expected.
But there are so many problems with the game that make it, well, just not worth it (but perhaps perfect for a rental?).
First, the new fatality system is actually pretty cool, although it doesn't work as intuitively as it seems upon first glance. But the problem here is it COMPLETELY replaces the old but trusted fatality system. In other words, the fatalies are first... But before long you're left wondering why they all look the same, and the great variety of the old fatality system just seems so much more interesting. Funny thing is, the way the new fatality system works they could have had BOTH the old and new fatality systems in this game without making it more confusing.
The fatality system is identical for every single character, which really stinks. But the general gameplay differences between the different characters are so small, it's no surprise they all share the same fatalities. Aside from their special moves (which are also very similar), the characters are all nearly identical, not just in animations but appearance, speed and strength as well.
Think of the variety of the characters in a Street Fighter game, with only a third of the characters as MK Armageddon---you'll soon recognize how generic the fighters are in this game by comparison.
Even general design quirps-- the load times are VERY frequent (when you continue, you still have to re-select your character?). The game art during loading screens is boring, and would have been more interesting if they had just recycled images from character profiles in old games.
Even the endings are generic text subtitles of a storyline----no cutscenes, no special screens, etc. While the Konquest mode might be better than before, it's all still based on a very bland-feeling system. It's like a bowl full of pasta, but without the flavorful sauce...

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GF Rating


Best Game in the whole entire universe

posted by Norwell48 (CRAIGVILLE, IN) Oct 17, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

I've been a Mortal Kombat fan since i could remember, but the movies were a little bit cheesy. But hey, i think they did the best they could for the movies. Anyway, I rented this game from my homies at Gamefly. Gamefly has the best games at the best prices ever!!! I love this game because you can create... no excuse me... kreate a fatality and a kombatant. My guy is a raiden scorpion mix. They storyline in the game is great along with the characters. Scorpion has been my favorite person in Mortal Kombat since i was seven and learned how to play this game. FATALITY!!!!!

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Quick Game

posted by ItalStlion (PEACHTREE CITY, GA) Oct 16, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

I love the extensive selection of characters, so there's no real need to use cheats to unlock them. However, my only real problem with the game is once you finish conquest, the game is pretty much beat. You'll have just about enough money to buy everything in the krypt. Overall, it is a good game.

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