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Above Average

At least there's a lot to choose from

posted by Takerkain (FAIRFIELD, ME) Nov 1, 2006

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Mortal Kombat: Armaggedon is a great game in that there are literally over 60 characters to choose from and the gameplay flows smoothly, but the flaws of the game keep the series from once again climbing to the top of the fighting world. Once you open up the game mode and see how many characters there are to choose from, you feel like this game could last you for a long time if you felt the need to play through them all, but to be honest, besides the top ten or so fighters, who cares about all the Scorpion knock-offs the series is infamous for? Once the action starts though, the game does became fairly fun, for a while at least. You do the basic beat eight or nine enemies and watch the ending (which are absolutly horrible and uninspired) and repeat with a different character. What I like is that you can actually see how much harder each enemy is as they show you what percent difficulty each foe is when they fight you. The move list is very impressive as always, including different moves when you're fighting hand to hand or with a weapon. A same problem that has occured throughout the series is that you can still get by just by jump kicking the entire fight (as one of my buddies proved) and the fatalities are difficult to figure out. The computer is fairly cheap as always, keeping you in the air, comboing you for half your life at times on the higher difficulties, causing one to want to throw the tv out the window at times. I enjoyed the kart racing mode they through in. Although it was not a great game by any means, any extra like that is welcome. They even have a quest-type mode but you play as no one from the game and the battles are overly simple. Overall, although it is a very good game, there is nothing new here that hasn't been seen before.

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posted by simba00635 (HACKETTSTOWN, NJ) Dec 6, 2007

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wow this was a great game i totally loved it . it was so hard for me to return it . they had characters i never heard of . ever in my live. and blaze its hard to beat. all and all i would suggest if you like blood and fighting then get this game

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Very Good

Top quality game, only a few things missing

posted by JakeSapir (DEERFIELD, IL) Mar 21, 2007

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One thing I believe the Mortal Kombat series has over other fighting game franchises is the number and uniqueness of characters. Compiling every character in the history of the main Mortal Kombat games (excluding Khameleon, who appeared only in the N64 version of Trilogy, but who will be in the Wii version of this game), this game has the widest variety of characters in any fighting game I've ever seen, or at least it's in the top 3 (I do not include Dragon Ball Z games that have 10 versions of the same character). This leads to excellent replay value. The game also offers variety in the form of play modes. While fighting modes are limited to practices and arcade mode, there is also Konquest Mode, essentially an action game of its own. Like other recent games in the series, Armageddon features a tongue-in-cheek minigame; in this case, the Mario Kart-like "Motor Kombat". The minigame won't last you too long, but it is a lot of fun.

Armageddon introduces character creation to the series, providing pieces to make a wide variety of characters in any of the species represented in the game: humans, shokans, dragons, and whatever Baraka is. You also can customize your own move set, picking a name, a stance, and individual attacks. The same goes for your weapon style, and you can choose from a good variety of weapon types (though not all of the existing character's weapons are represented). Unfortunately, customizing your character's face is very limited, and there are not as many clothing options as in Soul Calibur 3. Also, like in SC3, you have to unlock most of the parts, which limits your creativity at first.

The only big problem with this game is the change in the fatality system. Rather than each character having specific fatalities based on his/her background and such, there's a universal fatality system that is just as grusome but not as entertaining.

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