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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Beat Blaze

Go to kombat, find reptile (3rd person), get him and when it says round 1, fight using circle to fight. keep tapping circle and you'll win.


For the following fatalities, (Boss) indicates moves that are limited to all of the "Boss characters": Onaga, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Goro, Sheeva, Moloch and Motaro. Only characters with swords can do sword fatalities.

Bell tower fatality

On the lower level of the Bell Tower stage, wait until "Finish Him" appears then uppercut. Make sure you are not near the bell. Your opponent will fall through the floor into a spike, slide down, then have his arms and legs get cut off by four sharp blades on the bottom of the spike. Then a rat will appear and steal a leg.

Prison fatality

In the Prison stage, where you see Sektor closing the doors, wait until "Finish Him" appears then uppercut. Make sure you are under the fan in the middle of the stage. Your opponent will launch up and get splattered across the room, with blood and guts everywhere.

Easy koins

Start a two player Versus match. Defeat player two with a Savage fatality. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of Koins. REMEMBER: This only works only for regular characters and not Bosses.

Easy koins

Start single player game in Arcade mode. Defeat your CPU opponent with a Savage fatality. Repeat this until you reach the Boss, then just defeat him and repeat until you have the desired amount of Koins. REMEMBER: This only works with regular characters and not Bosses.


The following is a list of all the relics "in order" that are found during Konquest mode. These are be items lost by the characters. Try to collect every item. Once the items fill up a row in your menu, a new character will be unlocked, filling in the character select screen. 1. Kobra's Glove 2. Kira's Knife 3. Kai's Wristbands 4. Johnny's Picture 5. Jarek's Vest 6. Kabal's Mask 7. Dairou's Keys 8. Hotaru's Flag 9. Moloch's Ball 10. Stryker's Radio 11. Hsu Hao's Watch 12. Cyrax's Bomb 13. Kung Lao's Hat 14. Sektor's Rocket 15. Jade's Bracelet 16. Sonya's I. D. 17. Baraka's Blade 18. Havik's Mask 19. Ermac's Gem 20. Jax's Beret 21. Darrius' Shades 22. Rain's Mask 23. Ashrah's Doll 24. Kano's Mask 25. Shang's Stone 26. Frost's Mask 27. Kitana's Fan 28. Liu Kang's Armband 29. Onaga's Helmet 30. Noob's Stars 31. Smoke's Mask 32. Sindel's Brush 33. Fujin's Cape 34. Tanya's Choker 35. Mavado's Hooks 36. Daegon's Belt 37. Kenshi's Blindfold 38. Shinnok's Crown 39. Li Mei's Sandals 40. Bo Rai CHo's Jug 41. Nitara's Orb 42. Shao Kahn's Helmet 43. Mileena's Veil 44. Meat's Steak 45. Mokap's Sensor's 46. Drahmin's Masl 47. Shujinko's Medal 48. Kintaro's Armor 49. Sheeva's Earings 50. Goro's Gauntlets 51. Raiden's Hat 52. Scorpion's Spear 53. Motaro's horn 54. Nightwolf's Axe 55. Blaze's Essence 56. Sub-Zero's Amulet 57. Sareena's Sash 58. Reptile's Medal 59. Quan Chi's Amulet 60. Reiko's Chest plate.

How to beat Blaze

Use Krate a fighter and these moves. Weapon Sword (for example: Ninja Sword), and these moves: Face Slash, Neck Thruster, Belly Splitter, Twisted Teal Secret, Chest Stab. All are stun and knock down moves. When fighting Blaze stick mostly with your weapon and these moves. Select NightWolf. When the battle starts, press L1 to switch to your tomahawks. Very quickly press Forward(2), Circle to do a Rhino Charge, then quickly press Square, Triangle, X, Circle to do a combo that takes a huge chunk out of his health. Keep repeating this Blaze has been defeated.


In Konquest mode in the Netherrealm in the area when you jump down after the fiery meteor falls from the sky.